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Memorial created 01-11-2009 by
Bob Dougan
May 9 1992 - January 10 2009

In loving memory of our Barbra who we love so much. Barbra will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Barbra was and still is the love of my life.

I miss her so very much, not a day goes by with out thinking about her.

      This is the story of the life of Barbra, my friend, my best buddy, the puridest kitty, my friend for life. She was my special pet. In September 1992 we decided we would like to have an Abyssinian cat for a pet. We contacted some breeders and got some information from a breeder in Rochester New York. They said they had some young kittens available and there was also a 16 week old kitten that was going to somebody in Boston but they had changed their minds (they will never know what they missed).

 She was described a snugler and purer. On September 15, 1992 we took a ride to Rochester and saw Barbra for the first time and fell in love. We took her home with us that night. After we got home Barbra would sit with me every night for the rest of her life. She used to like to crawl up under my shirt and sleep on my chest.

 We took really good care of her. She loved to play with all of the toys we got for her. At Christmas she would get so excited over the boxes and the paper. I would wad up paper and toss it down the hall and she would love to run after it and bring it almost all the way back to me. She made me take that last step to get the paper. I used to tease her and make believe I through the paper and she would start off running down the hall only to realize I still had the paper. She ran back to me and was so anxious for me to toss it so she could run after it. So many times I would come home from work and Barbra would be waiting at the top of the stairs for me. I used to toss a wad of paper up to her and she would bat it back to me. She loved to do that.

 After the winter was over I took her outdoors for the first time and at first she didn’t like that at all. She would jump up at the house trying to get back in. After a while she learned to enjoy her time out side. I would come home from work and she would meet me at the front door wanting to be hugged and play with that wad of paper. After we hugged each other I would take her out in the back yard and go the garden to pick weeds. Barbra was always with me exploring the garden.

 As time went on she always liked to go out by her self early in the morning and just take a walk around the yard all by her self. She didn’t really stay out very long 15 or 20 minuets was all she needed.

 She liked to beat-up my dirty t-shirts that I would leave on the floor. She would always keep her self so clean and proper, especially her nails and dainty little feet. When I took a shower she would always be up on the towel rack waiting for me. When I got out she would call for me and reach out her paw for me. She loved to help me dry off. I would stand with my back to the towel rack and Barbra would lick off the water from my neck and back.

 Barbra had her own chair at the dinner table. We would eat together just about every night. I would buy shrimp, scallops, & chicken just for her. I would cook her food separate from mine so I did not over spice her food. We used to go out for Mexican Food a lot and always would bring home some for Barbra. She would get so excited when we brought home Mexican food for her. I thought it may be too spicy but she loved it.

Every Saturday I would go and buy groceries. In the store I would always get something special just for Barbra. When I got home from shopping Barbra was always waiting for me up on the container that we would feed her from. She would get so excited to get what I brought back for her weather it was a slice of roast beef or shrimp or even just a piece of chicken she always knew that I would get something just for her. 

 Barbra would let me know when it was bedtime each evening. We both would go to bed together. She slept with me every single night. When she would nap in the afternoon she would most always be in a draw under the bed. When I would sit and watch TV Barbra was usually right there with me. We both looked forward to Sunday and watch the NASCAR race together. If I went in and played on the computer Barbra would usually be in there with me lying on the cat perch in the window.

 During the day she liked to be in the kitchen window catching some warm sunrays. I can say that in the 17+ years we were together I don’t ever remember saying a bad word to her or never having to say no to her.

 I loved Barbra more and more as every day went by. And I believe she loved me more and more every day too. As she got sick she was so good taking her shots and pills although she would rather not have that pill, but she took it most of the time. I remember that at times she would hold the pill in her mouth for 3,4,or 5 minuets and then spit it out. The pill was an ant-acid to help her tummy feel better.

 On January 10, 2009 I had to say good-by to the love of my life. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I miss her so much and I think of her every day and every night. We had her body cremated and her ashes are in an urn on my bed bookcase. I still can talk to her each night before I go to sleep. Her ashes will be on my bed bookcase until the day I die, after that her ashes will be buried with me. That way we will always be together.    


Barbra I love you and I miss you.



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