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Memorial created 02-3-2009 by
Tanya Gunton-Carroll
1993 - January 21 2009

In loving memory of our Sadie "our angel" who we love so much. Sadie "our angel" will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.  

It was a mere 3 years ago when I looked across Pet Food Express and saw the brilliant blue eyes of Sadie, a lynx point siamese.  My husband, Billy and I had just started talking about getting a second cat, but we were thinking about a kitten, and Sadie was more like a 12 (almost 13) year senior cat.  It was adoption day and one of the local organizations had her amongst all of the other sweeties.  I however was drawn to her immediately.  Her foster mother was not at the site so I waited by her cage for almost an hour.  When her foster mother arrived she said that she didn't get along with other cats so I was a bit sad but decided to stay and play with her for a little while.  Then after staying with her for sometime the foster mommy said "well, it is not that she doesn't like other is just she likes people more."  Foster mommy had it in her head that since Sadie was a senior that she should be with a senior mommy and I was a twenty-something.  Well....I convinced her that we would be the best parents for her "Sadie, old lady" as she had been known.  My husband received a phone call from me saying "I have fallen in love with a kitty, ok maybe not a kitty as a senior kitty."  He said if I loved her that he would love her and that I could bring her home.  He of course did love her!  She became a daddy's girl

Lap cat, purr baby, kitty who perched on shoulders, burrowed under bedcovers, slept with her head on a pillow and one of the best nuzzlers in the whole world...that was Sadie, our angel.  She was a typical siamese with a very vocal nature, who often woke us up to remind her where her food was...she forgot frequently part of her special quirkiness.  She would run up and down the stairs chasing ghosts like she was a little baby kitty.  She knew that our ears were what we heard from as she would get us up in the morning by "meowing or yelling" loudly.  We have to set an alarm now...

She did like her housemate Trigger and enjoyed curling up with her for a nap but ultimately she was a people cat and boy oh boy she had us trained.  We miss her terribly and although we knew her body had finally given up, we almost couldn't keep the appointment.  Uncontrollable tears, mourning hearts and multiple moments of seeing her out of the corner of our eyes. 

Sadie, baby girl you are beyond missed and we ache for you.  I believe that Balki, our sweet foster boy is taking care of you and keeping you busy.  You will forever be loved.  Thank you for all that you gave us.





curled up on the

Thank you so much for the best goodbye you could possibly have given.  I really needed that 1 full hour of you laying on my chest purring and holding my neck, it told me that you were ready and that you knew how much we all loved you.  It broke my heart in two to hold you while the doc laid you to rest but I know you understand that daddy and I only wanted you to be at peace and that we will never forget our baby girl.

Please watch over us and your sister, Trigger.  Play and run in the rainbow bridge with your foster brother, Balki who we miss terribly too.  Two kitties in less than 2 months seems too painful but  loving the both of you is worth every minute of pain due to loss.  So many kisses to each of you, mommy and daddy love you


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