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Memorial created 02-4-2009 by
Mindy Lacheen-Heiser
MR. Cloudy
July 6 1991 - February 2 2009

MR. Cloudy's Favorite Place

In loving memory of our MR. Cloudy who we love so much. MR. Cloudy will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Oh MR. Cloudy I miss you so much, for I am so used to you always being at my side and greeting me as I walked through the front door. Every time it was just you, Shiloh and I eating dinner together, you on my lap just waiting for some grilled cheese, chiken, salmon, cream cheese with salmon in it, spaghetti,strawberry ice cream, and of course the peas I would not eat but how you loved them so much. When we used to sit out in the sun room so you could watch the birds, butterflys, snow flakes deer and all other animals welcomed into our back yard. The times we would Bar-B-Q and you would sit in the chair right by the door near the grille just waiting for your cheese burger. I know that you are now at Rainbow Bridge, pain free, chaising butterflies and playing with others. Tears run down my cheeks every morning as I visit your grave, Oh MR. Cloudy yes they are tears of a broken heart but they are also tears of joy that you are not suffering any longer. You will always be in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. GOD BLESS YOU MR. Cloudy may your soul rest in peace.


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