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Memorial created 02-4-2009 by
Mindy Lacheen-Heiser
MR. Cloudy
July 6 1991 - February 2 2009

Why good evening MR . Cloudy, oh how I have missed you so much, thought it would be a wonderful evening to stop by, not that the sun has gone down and it is cooling down some.  Shiloh and I went to your garden sat on the benches and prayed with you for a while.  Think I shall put in some more perennials to give it some bright cheerful colors to attract the butterflies as I know how much you would like that.  Shiloh pick out these purple plants  to grow there that will grow all year round they are very nice.  How I have I been, I am doing O K, I thank you so much for watching over me it means the world to me and I feel you every night with me as I go to sleep.  No we are not really doing much for this Holiday perhaps go to the shore but that will be it, for no I am not doing well in the sun.  I miss you so much and I  and Shiloh just had to stop by and see how you are doing hope that you are eating well and happy.  For I believe I will be with you soon.  You take care and say a prayer with me for our Troops.  You are always in my thoughts, prayers, heart and I shall always give you my love and heart in my prayers every night. and day.

We miss you so much Angel Face.

All Our Love

Mom and Shiloh 


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