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Memorial created 02-4-2009 by
Mindy Lacheen-Heiser
MR. Cloudy
July 6 1991 - February 2 2009

Merry Christmas


 Hello Angel Face I am sorry I have not been here for a while, Well I did brake my ankle taking Shiloh for a walk, having therapy with it ow.  Found out that Norma from AAP turned out to be not the pleasant honest person we thought she was, so the friend I thought she was I do not have any longer nor do I belong to AAP, perhaps it is for the best.

Oh next week I do go to the Heart transplant DR, hopefully she will be able to help me.  Oh MR. Cloudy I am trying so hard to get my heart all better, but I keep running into so many difficult obstacles, I pray that this DR willl be the one to help me.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, for we went to the Star view they gave us so much I brought home allot, wish you could have been here to have enhoyed it for it was so delicious just the way you liek your turkey,

Can you believe it is almost Christmas oh how much I miss you on those days that we used to decorate the house and tree but with you not being here it seems so different.  Oh how I miss you.  I will be stopping by  before Christmas and during I promise, and yes I have been going to your grave with Shiloh allot always saying a prayer for you and blowing you kissses of my love for you.

I hope that you have made so many friends and they are being honest friends and that they do not hurt you in any way.

I love your Angel Face MR Cloudy

God Bless You

With All My Love



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