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Memorial created 02-4-2009 by
Mindy Lacheen-Heiser
MR. Cloudy
July 6 1991 - February 2 2009

Oh my MR. Cloudy my little Angel Face, I know it was 6 months on 08-02-09, I am so sorry I was not here for you on that day, for you see MR. Cloudy Mommy has been quite ill with her heart and now with her lungs.  So please understand why I could not be here on the 2nd to tell you  the huge feeling of loss I have in my heart.  I know in my prayers every night I tell you that you are always in my memories, thoughts, prayers and heart. And you always will be no matter what.  I love you so much MR. Cloudy.  Oh how much I miss you and wish that you were here with me to comfort me through all that I am going through with my heart and lungs.  I remember when ever I used to get a little sick nothing big like this you would rub up against my  the back of my hair and then when I had some rye toast to try and make my stomach feel better you would walk up to the plate and lick all the butter off the toast, it used to make you so happy, then you would go and lay by my side.     MR. Cloudy life has changed so much for me since you have gone to Rainbow Bridge.  I know that you are free of pain and are not suffering any longer and that is wonderful that is what I always wanted for you.  I love you so much my Angel Face, Shiloh and I miss you so much.  We do visit your grave every morning and say a prayer or two just for you. Till we meet again my Loving MR. Cloudy

Mommy and Shiloh


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