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Memorial created 02-4-2009 by
Mindy Lacheen-Heiser
MR. Cloudy
July 6 1991 - February 2 2009

Here is my Birthday Cake MR Cloudy

Oh my MR. Cloudy how I missed you yesterday on my Birthday and also on the evening before when your father got the cake a day early, but that was alright.  I think you would have loved this cake that your father got for me as you did with all the others.  I missed you not being by my side with Shiloh helping me to blow out my candles.  Yes you know your Mom very well she did cry and was unhappy for you were not by her side as you were for 17 years  when my birthday came.  I believe even Shiloh missed you for thing s were so different without you being with us.  After we had the cake I went and laid down on the love seat, I could have sworn you were right on top of it resting as you always did another one of your favorite places.  I kept looking up because I could feel you there, it felt so wonderful.  Shiloh kept staring up there too, so yes MR. Cloudy I know you were here on the evening before m birthday.  I know that we will meet again and be able to celebrate our Birthdays as we always did.  I sincerely believe that Birthdays meant more to you, Shiloh, and I then Christmas or any other holiday.  I  guess it is because the three of us love Birthday Cake so much..We love you and miss you allot.  I just thought that I would write to you about my Birthday wishing you were here with us.  Well I am leaving you a picture of my Birthday Cake  I know you would have loved it.  Also leaving a picture of Shiloh trying to help me blow the candles out with me on my cake.  Oh MR. Cloudy you did teach her well.

All our Love

MOM  and Shiloh 







Only Shiloh helping me blow out the candles. sure did miss you helping.

 Well MR. Cloudy today is November 02, 2009 and we have been a part  for exactly 9long months.  This month will be very hard for it will be Thanksgiving soon and you always laid out in the kitchen as I would prepare dinner for that night, you tail wagging in happiness when I would cook up the liver and give it you.  When it was time to have some snacks before we sat down for dinner and had those little quiches OH How you loved them and both you and Shiloh would be sitting right at my side waiting for one to come both of your ways and not to for get the cheeses with the crackers.  I think the swiss was your favorite but then again MR. Cloudy all cheeses were your favorite.  Yes this month will be oh so lonely with out you by my side.  All the years that I would make your plate up for you of turkey, mashed potatoes and of course sweet potatoes that you and Shiloh just had to have baked wouldn't eat them any other way.  You would go and eat what was on your plate then go and lay on the couch take a turkey nap and come back for more, how cute everyone thought that was.  When the desert came yes you were the first person sitting next to Mommies chair and the very first to get desert then next was always Shiloh.  Oh how Shiloh misses you so much she is still laying with your picture every day when I am in the office working on the computer and when I go to sleep at night.  I say a prayer for you every night.  I miss you so very much but it was your time to stop suffering and being in pain and go to Rainbow bridge.  I know you have a friend Dale there that is taking pretty good care of you and I hope you are taking good care of him, for his Mom and your's are now friends.  Funny how the world works, one that is very special leaves your life and another one friend comes into your life and mine.  I think GOD did that because he knew how much pain we would be in being parted from each other.  I love you so much my little Angel Face MR. Cloudy.  I pray that in heaven that you found your grand mom and pop pop and that you stay pretty close to grand mom,  Yes this will be quite a difficult month for all of us.  I hope that they will give you turkey and al the fixings you like my love and let you come back for seconds.

God Bless you MR. Cloudy may your soul rest in peace.

All of Our LOVE

Your Mom Mindy and Sister Shiloh




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