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Memorial created 02-13-2009 by
Denise Bagdei
October 11 1995 - February 13 2009

In loving memory of our Lyzette who we love so much. Lyzette will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

We miss her so badly that words cannot describe the pain we fill in our hearts. Although at times she was mischievous, she never caused us any heartache. Lyzette loved riding in the car, always in the front seat, she thought she was the driver. When people would pass, they would comment, "what a beautiful face !" She was the love of our lives.

At dinner time, she would wait patiently for her goodies, sometimes she looked like a hunting dog with her tail and head up straight looking at the closet where her goodies were kept, peering at me with her big brown eyes asking the question, "WHEN !."

When dinner was over, we would sit watching tv, Lyzette always sat with my husband, who she thought was her husband and would growl and bark at me if I turned to say something to him. She was cuddly, lovable, adorable, affectionate and smart.


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