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pat allgood
May 25 2002 - February 18 2009










I was sitting on the backstep  the next  morning and suddenly I saw a little head











































This  Monday I finally accepted that Pearl has gone to be with Fayeroe. She loved Fayeroe so much. Faye would groom her and Pearl would sit with her eyes squinched shut, loving it. She always walked in figure 8s through Fayedy's legs and her tail always touched Faye's chin...they were quite the pair and now they are together again. Maybe Amsu has, at least, nodded at her this time. 


Pearl would have had her 12th birthday on  May 30, 2011. I don't know what happened  as she didn't come to eat her breakfast   last Wednesday morning. She never missed a meal. I immediately started searching for her and searched every day until Monday. Clem tracked her about 3/4s of the way to the creek and lost her scent. I let Clem smell Pearl's bedding. 


 Pearl had a very special pillow on the storage shed where she sat and watched the yard and creek. Occasionally she would venture out to hunt. Pearl was extremely delicate and I could never understand how she could catch a squirrel...but she did, much to mine and the squirrel's  dismay. 


Pearl was a very solitary cat. I was the only person who could touch her. I've always thought it was due to the trauma she suffered as a baby. I could  catch her and bring her in the house and after about one hour, she was through with me and wanted to go back outside. 






She had her own nice house in the storage shed. Sometimes Timmee joined her in it. He always sat on her. She loved Timmee but hated Mikee. Mikee was mean to her.


Lucy and Willhe's  lives both had tragic endings and then I only had Pearl. Pearl moved with me from Smithville to Lawton and then to Texas. Amsu just acted like she wasn't really with us. He ignored her completely.  




So we had Lucy, Clara White and Willhe. And they kept us entertained. Lucy was dark gray, Willhe was blue point "siamese" and Pearl was chocolate long-haired.


night. He lived. 


My mother was thrilled to have kittens in the house again. The first night the little male had convulsions one after the other. I finally went to bed at 5 a.m. and told him that if he lived I was going to name him "Willhe" for "willl he make it through the


pop out from under the wash house. I had put some leftover rice out for Oscar and the little kitty ran over and was trying to eat the rice. Then a second head popped out and then a third. I began trying to catch them but they were terrified of me. I finally got two of them and the third one  got into the smoke house and climbed up into an old refrigerator. It took considerable effort to get her out and she was so scared when I reached her. This was Pearl.  






Not long after we arrived, I heard a ruckus outside and found that my mother's dog, Oscar, had gotten a stray cat.


I    moved from New Mexico to Oklahoma to care for my mother. Mom had had 5 strokes and needed 24/7 care. At that time I only had Amsu, Tippy, Henri and J.J. 







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