Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 03-24-2009 by
Dorothy Nardi
May 4 1995 - March 20 2009

Ever Faithful, Ever Friends


Our canine friends remain.
They never waver from their chosen path.
In poverty and prosperity, in health and in sickness,
their loyalty stands firm and immovable.
They will fight all the elements to protect us from harm.
While we sleep soundly in the comfort of our homes
they guard us without question; providing a safe haven
within the circle of their devotion.
And when the fierce winds of the world
brush against our battered souls
theyoffer comfort to ease our fears.
They will follow us through all seasons.
They remain as strong and steady advocates.
Their simple thoughts are always turned
toward us, our happiness; our well-being.
They will never close the door to their hearts.
They remain always, without end.
Ever faithful. Ever friends.

— Leslie A. Neilson



My Little Baci

You always blended with the carpets because you were so white and silky and beautiful.  Your memory is very strong in my heart and mind, and we will love you forever.  You were so very special in all our lives.  Thinking of you always and missing you too.  Love, Mama 


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