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Memorial created 03-24-2009 by
Dorothy Nardi
May 4 1995 - March 20 2009

Baci and his blue blankie

Baci's 9 Month Angelversary

It's hard to believe another month has passed and here we are still missing you.  I don't think we will ever stop missing you and your unconditional love you had for each and everyone of us.  I can still remember the first time you sat up gave us your paw and spun around for a treat, you learned so quickly.  We will miss you this holiday season very much.  However I did hang up your stocking by your picture.  I'm sure you have a job of handing out presents to all your furry friends, just like you used to bring them to us.  My dear dear friend and companion how much I still miss you terribly.  Until you've experienced loosing a little lovie like you, words can't explain.  I sit and read other peoples words to their pets they've lost, and the tears just come automatically.  If you've never had a pet you will never know unconditional love.  I know your happy and well and are not in any pain anymore.  God Bless you my angel...we love you.  Love, Mama    

Baci resting on the couch

A good dog never dies.  He always stays.  He walks beside you on crisp autumn days, when frost is on the fields and winters drawing near. His head is witihin our hand in his own way.       Mary Carolyn Davies


What we have enjoyed, we can never lose, all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.  Helen Keller


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