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November 10 1995 - April 15 2008


This website is dedicated to the loving memory of the most wonderful family dog, our sweet Molly.  I have been wanting to create this tribute to Molly for quite some time now, but I have been perhaps too overwhelmed by grief to do it.  Even now, as I type these words and think of her, I cannot do so without tears in my eyes.  But, with the one year anniversary of her passing quickly coming upon us, the time seems right and almost urgent to me now.  One thing is for sure, nothing that I write within the pages of this memorial could possibly come close to paying a high enough homage to this incredible, beautiful creature.  I love her with all my heart and I miss her every day.



You sometimes hear stories about angels possibly being here on earth, walking among us, and taking on various forms.  I think those who believe in such beings assume that they only come to us in the form of a human.  But, I think maybe sometimes an angel comes wrapped in golden fur, with soulful brown eyes, a wagging tail, four legs, and bountiful kisses.  I think their angelic soul becomes even more apparent to us the longer we know them.  And maybe you didn’t even realize that you had an angel who was touching your life every day until after that precious being was gone – maybe you didn’t realize it, because while you were taking care of your “angel” over the years, this angel was really taking care of you.  And just so they are careful not to blow their Heavenly cover, they also come to us with bad breath, they burp in your face from time to time, and on occasion they pass gas while you’re trying to watch your favorite TV program – the kind of gas that could peel off wallpaper.  But who really takes notice of such vices when you have such a warm, loving, forgiving, and gentle soul in your midst?  That was our Molly Girl.  She had the most amazing spirit of anyone I have ever known. 


Molly was a teacher.  Each and every day, she taught our family how to love unconditionally, how to be joyful, how to forgive, how to accept, how to have courage, how to persevere, how to appreciate everything (and each other), how to explore the world as though it was brand new each day, and to live each day to the fullest and not to take “today” for granted.  We are all here to learn lessons in life, but how many of us take note of the lessons taught to us by our pets?  We would all be wise to pay attention to what they are teaching us along the way.


Molly was a lifter of spirits.  She never met a stranger, and she had a way of making everyone feel as though they were the most important person in the world.  You could never feel unloved if Molly was around.  She was truly the pied piper of joy!  What a gift she was.  True, she had the ferocious bark of a guard dog should a stranger ever knock on the door, but the reality is that she probably would have only kissed an intruder to death.


Molly was a gentle spirit.  She never once growled at or snapped at the cats (or at anyone else), even when Miss Lilly would attack Molly like a vicious little ninja when Lilly was a kitten, or when the cats frequently coveted Molly’s bed in order to get the best sun bathing spot in the house.  She was always gentle, resilient, and forgiving with them, and they saw her as their fearless protector.  Molly and one of the cats, Chloe, became very close friends (well, and “sisters”), as Molly readily took Chloe under her wing and openly accepted her when Chloe came into the family as a stray, giving Chloe a much-needed reprieve from Lilly’s wrath (who was not quite so accepting of her at first).  Throughout their relationship, Chloe frequently thanked Molly by rubbing her head under Molly's chin to let her know just how much she loved her.


Molly was a court jester.  She had the best dog “smile” around – and it was one of my favorite things!  In her healthier days, she loved to run at full speed back and forth through the living room like she had lost her mind, while my Mom and I nearly wet our pants laughing.  I swear, the harder we laughed, the faster she ran and vice versa.  She loved to lay on her back on the living room rug and thrash about with all four feet kicking up in the air – She resembled a baby kicking its feet  (a VERY hyper baby, mind you) and it was my Mom’s favorite quirky thing that she did.  Speaking of kicking, Molly would entertain us with her Spanish bull imitation every time she spotted a squirrel through the sliding glass door window – She would erupt into a loud, intimidating bark directed at the little squirrel (whom she secretly knew she would never harm in a million years) and then she would fiercely kick up her back legs on the living room carpet, like a Spanish bull about to charge the matador.  What a clown she was!  Molly was a real “fashionista” and loved to wear her bandanas, and she was always sure to show off her bandana to whomever walked in the front door.  She loved to try and carry 3 toys in her mouth at the same time and bring them to you all at once (with her mouth bulging beyond its limits), or tease you during a game of fetch by psyching you out when she returned with the toy, only to run right past you instead of giving the toy to you (that stinker!).  Oh, and how Molly loved a good game of tug-of war!  She would initiate a game of tug-of-war by plopping a toy in your lap, and the minute you grabbed ahold of it she would quickly chomp down on the other end of the toy and PULL!  And she was a freakishly strong little beast!  Suffice it to say, she kept my chiropractor in business!  And of course, the game always ended the same – with her proudly trotting off as the winner, with the prized toy in her mouth, as she gleefully did her victory laps around the living room.  She loved to de-stuff all of her “dollies” (usually teddy bears), and then was just as thrilled to carry around or shake their remaining flimsy, deflated “dolly” carcasses like they were her most prized possessions.  And although Molly never really learned any fancy tricks (unless it involved catching food or a favorite toy in her mouth), by the end of her life she had finely tuned the humorous skill of selective listening (her hearing was just fine), and she always had the most expressive (and often humorous) eyes and eyebrows of any pet we have ever had.  Oh, and let’s not forget how she loved to kiss me and then burp in my face!  And I swear I am the only one she ever did that to!  Perhaps she always just knew when I needed a good laugh.  I think Molly was extremely perceptive about everyone, and she always tried her best to give them what they needed at the time they needed it.  Again, what a gift she was.

*(To see more great photos of our sweet girl and to learn more about her life and the things she liked to do, please take some time to read her page entitled, "Molly's Wonderful World".  That page is a true celebration of Molly and of her life).


Since the day I was born, our home was filled with pets.  We always had both dogs and cats (and sometimes other little critters as well).  Growing up, my pets were always my very best friends.  They probably still are today.  Although we had owned a few purebred dogs when I was very little, most of our dogs growing up had been wonderful mutt mixes that came from shelters.  My parents got Molly as a little puppy when they were living in Boston, following the death of one of our former beloved family dogs.  She was the first pedigreed dog, complete with AKC papers, and a formal AKC name (Miss Molly of Tides Edge) that I ever remember our family ever having.  At the time, it seemed kind of foreign to me, as we had always enjoyed having such incredible run-of-the-mill “mutts”.  I wondered, “Are these “royalty dogs” as sweet and as loving and as fun as our mutts always were?”  I don’t know what I was thinking… perhaps with that fancy name and pedigree papers it conjured up images of the Queen of England or something and I wondered if this new dog might be a bit aloof or reserved.  Well, clearly I knew little about purebreds and clearly I was even less acquainted with the Labrador Retriever breed at the time, or else I would never have asked myself such a stupid question.  Molly was far from aloof or reserved – ever.  I will never forget when I first met Molly as a puppy --- Have you ever seen the movie “Marley and Me?”  My first encounter with her reminded me of the dog Marley – enough said.  Initially, I thought my parents had made a horrible mistake getting such a wild and out-of-control puppy.  But they didn’t make a mistake at all.  It was the best decision they ever made.  And a couple years later, after I moved to NC and my parents soon followed me there, Molly and I became the very closest of buddies – and we remained extremely close until the day she died.  (My Mom, of course, was Molly's other "favorite" – she never wanted my Mom out of her sight – Molly really adored my mother and my Mom equally loved her back).  Oh, and regarding that fancy, pretty AKC name hers… well, we never used it.  She was always just Molly to us – Our Molly Girl.  However, I do have the bad habit of always giving the pets nicknames, and the poor dog did have to endure a huge list of endearing nicknames from me over the years, such as SugarBear, BabyCakes, Sweet Cheeks, Lollipops (or Molly-pops), Love Bug, Sugar Smacks, Fuzzy Buns, Fancy Pants, Goldilocks, Miss Molly O’Malley, Twinkle Toes, Frieda Foo Fighter (The Great Squirrel Hunter), Bambi Eyes, Sweet Molly MoonPie, Buttercup, Sneaky Con-Tiki, Stella McSneakerson, Itchy Britches, Lola McNapperson, Sweet Pea, Love Biscuit, Ghandi Girl, The Great Molly-Lama, and the list goes on – all of which Molly lovingly responded to without fail.  You see, she did not care what name you called her – she was only interested in the love that was behind it.  And in return, she gave you more than enough love to keep your emotional tank running for days.  Have I mentioned what a gift she was?


On April 15th, 2008, our family lost a very special member of our family – Our sweet Molly Girl.  For me, it has not felt the same here since.  Since Molly’s passing, my parents and I have each rescued a dog from high-kill shelters (both unwanted mutt-mixes who were about to be euthanized) whom we love very much.  However, despite the love I have for our new dogs, there is still an enormous, cavernous void that is left in my heart.  Someday, I hope my heart will heal and that void will be filled.  I stated that our family “lost” Molly, but I am reminded of the words I once heard a preacher say at a child’s funeral some years back:  “You cannot lose someone when you know right where they are”.  I have never forgotten that.  And I know where our Molly is.  My sweet, precious friend will live on forever in my heart.  And for those of you who do not believe in the concept of the Rainbow Bridge, please take some time to read Molly’s page dealing with her final day and then make up your mind - (though please be aware that is a very emotional memorial page and may not be suitable for everyone).  As for me, I don’t care what anyone says.  I know what I believe.  And maybe I have to believe in it just to get me through the day… but I believe it just the same.  I know that our girl is in a wonderful, beautiful, peaceful place free from pain, where she can run freely and frolic and play with her friends.  I know that she is happy, she is loved, and she is whole and healthy once again.  And I hope when it is my turn to make that journey, she will come running to greet me, leading the way with all of my other beloved pets who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge in tow.  But until that time…


Run free and play, Sweet Girl!

 Have fun as you bask in the glorious sunshine

 and frolic in the wind among the beautiful wildflowers!


We all love you so very much!


We cannot thank you enough for all the love and joy you brought to our lives!

You will never be forgotten.  You will live on in our hearts forever.

You will always be precious to us.





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