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Old Friends Never Die


They will not go quietly,
the dogs who've shared our lives.
In subtle ways they let us know
their spirit still survives.
Old habits still make us think
we'll see them waiting at the door.
Or step back when we drop
a tasty morsel on the floor.
Our feet still go around the place
the food dish used to be,
And, sometimes, coming home at night,
we miss them terribly.
And although time may bring new friends
and a new food dish to fill,
That one place in our hearts
belongs to them. . . and always will.


(Author Unknown)



Hey there Beautiful Girl…..

It’s hard to believe we have arrived at your 3rd Angel-versary already.  I can’t believe you have been gone that long.  Although the devastating, crushing pain of your loss has lessened, I still miss you just as much today as the day you left us.  Not a day goes by when you don’t cross my mind, as there are so many things I encounter on a given day that remind me of you.  I see you and your beautiful spirit in so many things.



Currently, it is Spring and reminders of you are everywhere.  Of course, I think of you whenever we are graced with a beautiful sunny day.  How you loved to sit and soak up the sunshine!


But even on rainy days, you often cross my mind.  Remember that time you and I sat together and watched the rain falling through the sliding glass door?  I remember it like it was yesterday – We laid on the floor and I sang an altered version of “Raindrops Keep Falling On my Head” to you.  You sat there with that sweet doggie smile of yours, always so happy when anyone sang to you.  And I remember how you snuggled up so close to me and put both of your paws on me to let me know that you loved me – it was like you just could not get close enough to me that day.


One of Molly's bunnies watching from across the street

Whenever I spot a bunny, especially one that is leisurely lounging on the lawn, I always think of you.  I remember how you so loved to sit outside and watch your bunny friends (and how you were always very respectful of them and never barked at them at all).  I am sure your old bunnies must miss you terribly, as Ruby and Teddy both lose their ever-loving minds whenever they spot a rabbit in the yard now.  I am sure the bunnies are wondering where that sweet, quiet, yellow dog went, and I am sure they wish you would come back and teach the new pooches some manners!


Photo by Dondre

Of course, the squirrels often bring back funny memories of how you would try to intimidate them by erupting into a ferocious bark and then kicking up your back feet like a Spanish bull about to charge the matador.  It always gives me a chuckle thinking about the silly way you would kick up your back feet like you were some rough-n-tough junk yard dog on steroids, all the while the squirrels would simply just go about their business totally unphased by your antics – as they knew just as everyone else did that you would never harm them in a million years.


Photo By Scott Cromwell

The songbirds of every variety are everywhere this time of the year.  Remember how you loved to watch them through the window or listen to them sing whenever you relaxed outside?  I hope Heaven is filled with beautiful songbirds for you to watch and to serenade you.


The chipmunks are running all over the property, and I can’t help but think of you and of how much you would enjoy watching them and their babies too.  I think the chipmunks are Teddy’s favorite thing to watch – they can keep his interest for hours!


Molly on her last Christmas with Squeak Toy

Speaking of Teddy, although he is very different from you, he has certain traits that do remind me of you and it always makes me smile when I see a bit of you in him.  I know the two of you would have become the very best of buddies had you ever gotten the chance.  One thing is for sure, he definitely shares your great love for a good squeak toy.  The squeakier the toy, the better!  And just like you – give him a toy that he can squeak and squeak until his jaw is about to fall off and the boy is in Dog Heaven!


Molly going for a walk around the Lake. Happy Dog!

Even though it has been 3 years that you have been gone (has it really been that long?), I swear I can still feel your presence every time Teddy and I go for a walk at the Lake.  Remember how much you loved going there?  Admittedly, it is always a little bittersweet going there, as it makes me miss you every time I am there.  But at the same time, it is great fun to see Teddy enjoying his walks at the Lake just like you did.


Photo by Ocean / Corbis

The beautiful swans you loved to watch at the Lake are still there, and soon they will be having their babies.  Remember how graceful they were?  I bet you have plenty of beautiful swans in the beautiful place where you are now.


Photo by ARCO - NPL - Minden

And the baby ducks will all be coming along soon too.  There are a lot more different kinds of ducks at the Lake now than when you were here – you would love them.  Remember how you used to love to watch the ducks and the fishies from up on the walking bridge?  It seems like just yesterday you were sticking your big ole head through the rails on the bridge so that you could get just the perfect spot from which to spy on them.    It always made me smile watching as you stood there mesmerized at whatever was swimming below – I always loved to watch you enjoying yourself.  Teddy used to take great interest in the water fowl at the Lake too (though maybe a little too much interest if you know what I mean), but now he tends to ignore them much more than he did before since the day a big ole Canadian Goose put him in his place after he invaded their turf.  The angry goose charged him (hissing and all!), and Teddy (my big paper lion) learned that day that some birds are nothing to mess with.  He now has a new-found respect for the water fowl, just as you had always showed them.


And it goes without saying that every time I spot an unexpected rainbow, I can’t help but think of you.  And I will never forget those times during the 1st year after you were gone that rainbows would suddenly appear when I asked you to give me a sign.  Thank you so much for that – I know you had a hand in that.


Photo by Mike Ormiston

Just like the rainbows that paint the world beautiful, the gorgeous Spring flowers also always make me think of you.  I am not exactly sure what it is about them.  Perhaps it was the way that you always loved to go up to any flower and give it a good sniff.  Or perhaps it is because Spring flowers are so cheery and uplifting to look at, and you were always the most joyful soul I ever knew.  Or maybe it is just because they are beautiful…. Just like you – inside and out.


A patch of Angel Flowers on the property.

And if you are the one who has had a hand in the “angel flowers”, which have been mysteriously and continually cropping up in interesting and unexpected places on the property ever since you left, then I most certainly thank you.  I have really enjoyed discovering pretty flowers cropping up in places where there once was none.  And interestingly many of the flowers have been yellow flowers, which is a color I tend to associate with you.


So you see, Sweet Girl, you certainly have not been forgotten.  Far from it.  How could I ever forget you when reminders of you are everywhere?  Your beautiful soul made such a wonderful impact on the world around you when you were here, so it only makes sense that part of you would always remain here long after you were gone.


Reads: Our Beautiful Molly...You are missed & dearly loved.

The truest words of all: I will not forget you.
You are in my waking thoughts,
my sweetest memories, my dearest dreams.
I will not forget you.
You have touched my soul, opened my eyes,
changed my very experience of the universe. 
I will not forget you.
I see you in the flowers, the sunset,
the sweep of the horizon
and all things that stretch to infinity. 
I will not forget you.
I have carved you on the palm of my hand.
I carry you with me forever.

~ (Ellen Sue Stern, Living With Loss, 1995)


Missing You, Sweet Friend

I Haven't Left At All


I saw you gently weeping,

as you looked through photographs.

You paused for just a moment

at one that made you laugh.

But as you turned more pages,

the tears began to flow.

You whispered that you missed me,

but I want you to know;

I softly licked those stinging tears,

that down your cheeks did fall.

I want to help you understand,

I haven't left at all.

On days when you are overcome

with sorrow, pain, and grief,

I rest my head upon your leg

to offer some relief.

And when you take our walking path,

I've seen you turn around;

because I know you surely heard

my paws upon the ground.

At night while you are sleeping,

I snuggle at your side.

You stroke my fur and reach for me

where once I used to lie.

You said it's just your heart

playing tricks upon your mind.

But rest assured I'm really there;

my spirit's left behind.

I know your heart is hurting;

it's like an open sore.

You think my life has ended,

and you won't see me anymore.

But for those of us bound tight by love,

death is not the curtain call.

It's really the eternal beginning

that waits for us all.

So dear friend as you live your life,

I patiently await

for us to be together again,

when you pass through Heaven's gate.


~ (Author Unknown, altered)





"As Long As I Live, You Will Live.
As Long As I Live, You Will Be Remembered.
As Long As I Live, You Will Be Loved."


~ (Author Unknown)



"How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to."


~ (Anonymous)



We'll Never Say Goodbye

I cannot see you with my eyes
Or hear you with my ears;
But thoughts of you are with me still
And often dry my tears.

You whisper in the rustling leaves
That linger in the fall;
And in the gentle evening breeze,
I'm sure I hear you call.

A part of you remains with me
That none can take away;
It gives me strength to carry on
At the dawn of each new day.

I think of happy times we shared
And then I softly sigh;
But this I know--we'll meet again
And never say good-bye.

~ (Author Unknown)



“Living with animals can be a wonderful experience, especially if we choose to learn the valuable lessons animals teach through their natural enthusiasm, grace, resourcefulness, affection and forgiveness.”

~ (Richard H. Pitcairn)


Should You Go First

Should you go first and I remain
To walk the road alone,
I'll live in memories' garden
With happy days we've known.

In Spring I'll wait for roses red,
When faded, the lilacs blue;
In earl' Fall when brown leaves fall,
I'll catch a glimpse of you.

Should you go first and I remain,
For battles to be fought,
Each thing you've touched
Along the way,
Will be a hallowed spot.

I'll hear your bark, I'll see your smile,
Though blindly I may grope,
The memory of your helping paws
Will buoy me on with hope.

Should you go first and I remain
One thing I'll have to do,
Walk slowly down that long path
For soon I'll follow you.

I want to know each step you take
So I may take the same,
For someday down that lonely road
You'll hear me call your name.

~ (Author Unknown)



Remember Me With Love...
(Author Unknown)

As years pass by, and others rarely mention my name,
remember me with love.
Take a moment to say my name out loud.
If tears fall, let them.
Wherever you are, know that I am too.
I live in your heart, mind and soul.
Don't worry, you will never forget me
and we will be together again.
I have taught you many things
in a way nothing else possibly could.
Don't waste this lesson.
Use the love you still have to give to others.
Comfort others who have had a loss - do it in my memory.
A little bit of me, lives on in each person you touch.
You have the power to make my legacy
one that I would be proud of.
Light a candle, buy a rose, perform an act of kindness.
Our love is so great,
no remembrance could ever be large enough
to show how much you love me,
for true love has no boundaries.
And don't forget, I love you too.
Look at a puffy cloud, flower or bird and have no doubt;
my angel spirit is there.
Contemplate the many gifts I've left
and how I've affected your life in a good way.
I've shown you how precious life is
and given you a greater appreciation of it.
I've let you discover how strong you really are.
I hope my short time here has made you discover what is really important.
Has it made you a better person? I hope so!
Your faith has been tested, and hopefully it has strengthened.
I hope your heart is filled with peace.
Most of all, know that our love is eternal.
If you think of me today, I will be rejoicing from above.
To know you have remembered me 
Remember me with love!



So you see, Sweet Girl, you are still here in so many ways – and I suppose you always will be.  After all, how far could you possibly have gone when you are always right here in my heart?


Wait for me, sweet Sugar Bear, for I will see you again someday.  And although it is wonderful to hold on to such great memories of you, I will be happy when someday I get to hold on to you once again instead.  I miss you so.


Photo by Araken Starway


But for now, you go run and play

 with great joy in your heart and a big doggie smile on your face.... in that beautiful, amazing place.


I Love You with all my heart.

Happy 3rd Angel Day, Precious One.  


Your Old Pal,


“As long as the sun shines...
the wind blows...
the rain falls...
You will live on inside of me forever
for that is all my heart knows.”

~ (Author Unknown)



My Beloved Keyshah - Went to the Rainbow Bridge on 4/15/03

Oh Molly – I almost forgot…. Please give my precious Keyshah a big kiss for me today, as she shares your same Angel Day.  I hope you have been taking good care of her for me, as you know what a shy little one she is.  I think of her everyday when I look at Kyleigh, as they truly look like twins.  Please let her know that I miss her sweet, gentle, loving spirit, and I will always be thankful for the 16 wonderful years that she gave to me.  I could not have asked for a better friend or a more loving companion.  She will always hold a very special place in my heart that is reserved just for her.


I Love You, my beloved Keyshah.

You will never be forgotten.

Happy 8th Angel Day today.



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