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November 10 1995 - April 15 2008


In Loving Memory
of a
Big Yellow Dog
Dear Old Friend
on her 9th Angelversary
I Love You Molly!

Thinking of you and remembering you, Sweet Girl -- especially on this day.  Has it really been 9 years?  On the one hand it seems like just yesterday that we were goofing around in the living room together, with me giggling like a little kid and you sitting there wagging your tail with that big happy doggie grin of yours.  And yet at the same time, it also feels like that was a lifetime ago too.  But despite the years that have passed, I still find myself reminiscing about all the wonderful time we spent together when you were here, for you will never be forgotten, my dear friend.


(Photo: 2017 Copyright by S. Mullen). R.I.P. Lilly

As you know, we lost our beloved Lilly on March 21, 2017 --- so she is finally reunited with you and Chloe, whom she has missed so very much these past years.  I think she is happiest to be reunited again with you, Sugar Bear, as she was never the same after you went to the Rainbow Bridge.  She has seemed quite sad and withdrawn over the years, and her health began to suffer immediately after you passed away.  It's funny, because we all assumed that Lilly was so strong and aloof because she always acted like she was head boss of the house (and she never failed to quickly put Chloe in her place in a New York minute!), but in truth she was not as strong as we all had thought, and she grieved the loss of you severely.   I think she had seen YOU as her protector, since she had never known a life without a certain special big yellow dog in it.  I remember when she was just a tiny hellion of a "ninja" kitten, and she would pounce on you and dangle from around your neck, as she bit your neck and ears viciously like a little piranha, just for the fun of it.  And all the while, you were always so good with her --- forever the sweet, gentle soul who continuously put up with an array of feline nonsense that no respectable dog should ever be expected to tolerate.  And she loved you dearly for it.  I am glad Lilly has now found you again.  She has missed her old friend beyond words.  Take good care of each other. 

I send you off with a hug and a kiss, my Sweet Ones.
I love you with all my heart. 



"Love will remain and grow -- and be there for us to remember.  It is a Love we have earned.  It is the legacy our pets leave us when they go.  And it is a gift we may keep with us as long as we live.  It is a Love which is ours alone.  And until we ourselves leave -- perhaps to join our beloved pets -- it is a Love that we will always possess."

~ By Martin Scot Kosins

In Loving Memory
of My Beloved
on her 14th
(9/15/1987 - 4/15/2003)
I love you and miss you
my sweet, precious girl. 
Love Always & Forever,

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