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Special Holiday Gifts of Kindness


This page is dedicated to all those friends and visitors who have offered support and kindness throughout the year and who took the time to visit Molly’s memorial and guestbook.  Your gift of kindness, friendship, and support has meant more to me than you will ever know.  Thank you so much for helping to keep our precious Molly’s memory alive.  And a special thanks to those who created these special holiday images of our beloved girl – they are just wonderful!  Thank You so much!  During this holiday season when we are all missing our furkids who are no longer with us, may we remember all the wonderful and happy memories of them and the joy they brought to our lives with a smile.  And may we celebrate what a gift they, too, have been in our lives.  Best wishes to you all for a wonderful holiday season – may it be filled with peace, love, and much happiness, and may the New Year be bright.


And to my precious Molly Girl, my angel girl, my little shining star….  I miss you beyond words.  But as the song says, there is a special shining star.  And it is true – I have seen it.  I started seeing it shortly after you left us.  I had never noticed it before then.  Some nights, it is the only star I can see in the sky, even on an overcast night, yet there it is shining so brightly “for all the world to see”.  Some nights as I stand outside in the darkness gazing upon it, it almost feels like the star is looking back at me across the huge expanse of Universe.  And then I smile, sweet girl.  I smile thinking that maybe at that very moment you might be thinking of me just as I am thinking of you – and that perhaps, as the song says, the star shines for you and me.  J  Merry Christmas my beloved friend!  I Love You, Skye


Perhaps they are not stars in the sky,

but rather openings where our loved ones

shine down to let us know they are happy.



A special thanks to Deb (Kia’s Mom) for this great picture.  This is one of my favorite photos of Molly and I having fun at the holidays – and always looking so happy together.  Thanks so much Deb!


This photo was actually Molly’s Christmas portrait that I took of her on her final Christmas in 2007.  She was actually posed with Santa & Mrs. Claus at the time of this shot so the Santa hat is so fitting.  I love her smile in this photo.  Thanks so much Deb (Kia’s mom)!


Here’s another great smiling photo – great job Deb (Kia’s mom)!  This tends to be a very popular “Molly photo” with people due to her wonderful doggie smile, and she is wearing one of her favorite bandanas in it.


Thanks Deb (Kia’s mom) – I love this one too!  This is one of my favorite photos of our girl, as it really captures her sweetness.  It was taken one Christmas and she is pictured with one of her favorite new toys – her Santa Cat Doll.  How I remember her sitting in that very spot always staring up at me while I ate my meals at the breakfast bar, trying to lure me into giving her a treat from my plate with that sweet, beautiful face.  How I miss it.  Thanks Deb.  I love the Santa hat – how adorable!


This cute picture was created by Vicki (Misty Rose’s mom) – Thanks Vicki!  It makes me smile because of the silly reindeer which reminds me of all the Christmases we “tortured” Molly (not really) by making her wear reindeer antlers.  She was never a big fan of the antlers, but she loved to please us and make us smile.


Here Molly received the addition of a cute Santa hat.  Thanks Vicki! (Mom of Misty Rose & Cuddles).


Thank you for this picture, Denise.  The presents remind me of how Molly used to sniff around the gifts under the tree to see if any of them smelled like they were hers, and the bare Christmas tree makes me laugh as it reminds me of how she often knocked the ornaments off the lower boughs of the Christmas tree with her overly exuberant tail! 


Thank you Lauvern (Luke’s mom) for this great festive picture of Molly.  It reminds me of how much Molly always enjoyed the Christmas lights and all the holiday festivities.  I think it was one of her favorite times of the year.  Thanks Lauvern!


What a beautiful frame you chose for this one, Lauvern (Luke’s mom) – I love it!  It is so befitting of our beautiful girl.  And the gorgeous red frame sure brings out the color in Molly’s favorite banana – and being the fashionista that she was, she would certainly be pleased with that!  Thanks Lauvern!


And I love this pretty frame, as Molly looks just precious in it.  Plus, I have always loved the little Victorian angels, so that makes this extra special. Thanks so much Lauvern (Luke’s mom)!




Gina (Saada’s mom) created this gorgeous photo.  Thank you so much, Gina!  I just love it!  It really captures Molly’s wonderful joyful spirit, and the scene also resembles the mountains here in the winter.  And of course the little angel makes it extra special for our little angel.  :)  Thanks a lot Gina!  It's beautiful!


Happy Holidays To Everyone!


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