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November 10 1995 - April 15 2008


Merry Christmas,

Sweet Molly Girl!


I Love You!






There's a road
that's made of memories
that goes from heart to heart,
a path that spans the time
and many miles we've been apart.
There's a bridge of special feelings
made of all the joys we share,
And Christmas is the journey
of warm thoughts
from here to there.
~ Hallmark

Thank you so much for all the beautiful memories you have left behind, Molly -- especially the ones of wonderful Christmases gone by.  I will remember them and cherish them for the rest of my days.

You were our very own special "snowflake" -- you were truly unique and precious in every way, yet only here for a short time.  But in the short time you graced this earth with your presence, the world was a brighter and more beautiful place simply because you and your beautiful, loving spirit were in it.  What a gift you were to everyone who had the good fortune to know you!  So during this Christmas holiday season (and everyday), I am remembering what a true blessing you were.  I thank you for that my dear, sweet friend.
By the way.... it's just not the same without you around to knock the ornaments off the bottom of the Christmas tree with that happy "power tail" of yours!   J

Until we meet again... have fun making dog angels in the snow up in Heaven, sweet girl. 
You know what, Love Bug?... Every time we get a pretty winter snow, and a quiet hush comes over the world as it becomes blanketed in a magical, sparkling fairy dust of white, I always wish that you were here to see the beauty of it all.  Every time I peer out the window to soak in the magnificence of a breathtaking winter wonderland, I always wish you were sitting right there huddled beside me, steaming up the window along with me, as we both sit admiring Mother Nature's icy handiwork.  But then I realize that you are there in your own way.  And I am sure that you do see it all (every last beautiful thing) -- you aren't missing anything.  And then I smile.
  Truth is... it's really just about me missing you, old friend.  Probably always will.

But just remember, no matter how far away you may be this holiday season, the beautiful memories of you and of the precious time we shared together will always remain close to my heart.... and those memories will be forever cherished and never forgotten.
So, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, my beloved friend!
I Love You with all my heart!
Your Old Pal,

P.S.... Molly -- One day I hope to finally finish this memorial page and fill it with wonderful photos of you from our Christmases of yesteryear.   In the meantime, please just know that this holiday season (and always) you are deeply loved, you are sadly missed, and you are remembered with smiles. 
Merry Christmas Sugar Bear!




Molly's Last Christmas - 2007 - Posing with Santa & Mrs Claus

Four years later, and I still miss you so very much Mollipops, especially during the holiday season when we would always have so much fun together.  I am so glad that your last Christmas with us was such a happy and memorable one, Sweet Girl.  I cherish those memories and the memories of all the years we shared together.

Molly the Reindog - Christmas 2001

Sending you all my LOVE and remembering our very special one-of-a-kind "Reindog"!
Merry Christmas my dear old friend!
I Love You,

Merry Christmas,
 my sweet
Molly Moon Pie!
I Love You! 

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