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Happy New Year




Hi Sweet Girl!  Seems kind of silly to wish you a Happy New Year when you’re in a beautiful place where time is no longer measured in years.  But for me, another year has come and gone – another year without you – and another brand new year is upon me.  Although I have done my best to move on with my life, it still has not felt the same without you here.  And not a day goes by that I don’t think about you.  I still miss you beyond words, and I suspect a part of me always will.  I often think about the fun times you and I shared together – you know, all that silly, childish stuff that only you and I could appreciate.  Gosh, how I miss that!  I swear you were the only family member who ever really appreciated my goofiness and my love for being silly and for laughing at ridiculous things, especially ourselves.  Thank you for always being so willing to take that fun, childish journey with me and for putting countless smiles on my face along the way.  I truly could never thank you enough for that, my dear friend.  I hope you know how much I always appreciated you.  Something tells me that you always knew.  What I would give for just one more hour with you to hold another silly Molly O’Malley interview, or to dance together to “Brown-eyed Girl”, or to hold another fun blues or gospel jam session at Cajun Chloe’s Fat Cat Café.  Weren’t we a ridiculous pair, Buttercup? – a grown woman and an old dog carrying on like a bunch of silly (and sometimes obnoxious) kids?  But who cares!  We sure did have a whole lot of fun together back then, didn’t we?  And isn’t that what life should be all about? – enjoying it!  Thanks for leaving me with such great memories, Sugar Bear.  I am very grateful to have such wonderful memories of our time together to carry with me until I see you again.  And until that time, please just know that you will always be in my heart, Precious One.  I can never thank you enough for all the joy and laughter that you brought to my life.  I can only hope that I did the same for you, my beloved friend. 

I will love you always & forever….  ~Skye



I have always liked the song “Auld Lang Syne” for some reason, but at the same time, it also exudes a slight sense of sadness within me too – always has.  Still, I like it.  “Auld Lang Syne” is a Scottish poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 and set to the tune of a traditional folk song.  Over time, there have been various adaptations of the song, and the title may be translated into English as “old long since”, “long long ago”, “days gone by” or “old times”.  I stumbled upon this English translation of the entire song on a Robert Burns website (I am not sure if it is a good direct translation or if the translator took a fair amount of poetic license in translating).  Still, it seemed somewhat fitting to include it here, as some of the words and phrases reminded me of my Molly Girl and of being separated from her.  (Though, I must stress here that although the two of us did some fun and crazy things together, we never raised any glasses in a toast or ever drank alcohol together! – now that would be just ridiculous.... unlike anything else we ever did!). 





“Auld Lang Syne” Translated (courtesy of

Should old friends be forgotten
and never remembered
Should old friends be forgotten
and the days they shared together

For days now in the past, my dear
For days now in the past
We'll drink a toast of kind remembrance
For days now in the past

You can pay for your pint tankard
and I will pay for mine
We'll drink a toast of kind remembrance
For days now in the past

We two have run about the hillsides
and pulled wild daisies
but now we are far apart in distance
From those days now in the past

We two have paddled in the stream
from morning until
but oceans now lie between us
since those days now in the past

So take my hand, my trusty friend
and give me your hand
and we will take a hearty drink together
In memory of those days now in the past



But certain old friends will never be forgotten.  Definitely not you, my dear precious friend.  I could never forget such a beloved friend who has become so deeply a part of my heart.


I will love you forever …. And I will see you in everything that is happy and beautiful in the world, for you made this world a better place just by being here.


Your Old Pal,




To my funny little firecracker......
Even after all these years, I miss you still.
Thanks again for filling my heart with so much love and my days with so much laughter.  I love you, my sweet friend.   Happy New Year!
Your Old Pal & Partner in Crime,

P.S.... I hope by now you have gotten over your fear of fireworks.... and I hope you have an absolutely amazing view from Heaven as the world rings in another New Year. 

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