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Love you Pop\'s and Tess, Love Mummy Rachel x

Memorial created 04-10-2009 by
Rachel Shutler
October 20 1997 - April 6 2009

My little poser

In loving memory of Poppy who we love so much. It has been so hard losing you especially after losing your sister Tess so suddenly just three weeks before you. I remember the first day I saw you, you were the most perfect little bundle! For 11 years you were always there for me no matter what, a loyal and loving friend. You were so full of energy and your little bob tail never stopped wagging just like a little lamb! You were and always will be my beautiful baby girl. Love you Poppy and I miss you so much xxxxx



A special friend with a wagging bob tail,

With two scraggy brown ears that flapped like a sail,

You loved the beach and a swim in the sea,

You loved to have a scratch from me,

You were a master of finding golf balls,

And you never chewed holes in the walls,

You had a high pitched and noisy bark,

And your snoring could be heard in the dark.

You loved to snuggle on people’s feet,

And stealing socks you thought was neat,

You loved playing with your sister Tess,

You loved to make an awful mess!

You always tried to steal your sisters treats.

And enjoyed ripping up old shopping receipts!

You liked to have a brush and clip,

And come with me on any trip.

But most of all it’s true to say

You  were the best friend, in every way,

And I hate that this is where we part,

But you will always be in my heart.

Love you Pops (My beautiful Little Lamb) Mummy x



Beach baby

Tess and Poppy
Poppy loved the field
She loved to have her belly scratched
Opening your presents Christmas 08
sleeping by the fire
Tess who we miss so much
sitting in the car after a trip to the beach

You were crackers and thats why I love you

Merry Christmas baby girl, our first Christmas apart. I love you xxxx

How many toys can I fit in my mouth?

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