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Memorial created 04-20-2009 by
Vicki Sullivan
Misty Rose Sullivan
November 29 1995 - April 17 2009

Misty was put to sleep on April 17, 2009.  I found out she had Kidney Disease on Easter.  It wasn't until after finding this out that I put everything together and knew she had all the symptoms.  She had been losing weight for some time.  I changed her food from senior to adult Science Diet because I thought she needed more calories.  Her teeth were bad and she had bad breath.  I simply thought it was that she needed her teeth cleaned, which I had done not so long ago.  I watched her eating her food one evening and it sounded like she was gumming the dry so I changed her to canned.  I put her on Pedigree to start with.  She absolutely loved it.  She would be at my heels while I smashed her vitamin (which she had quit taking) and mixed it into her food.  She would follow at my heels while I carried her dish into the other room and would almost jump into her water dish trying to get to the dish before I got it set down.  She stood there a gobbled down the canned food, never leaving a speck in her dish.  The problem was, every night she would throw up.  I changed her food again to Science Diet canned for seniors.  She loved it also, but was still throwing up and started moving her bowels all over the floor, only at night.  I didn't put two and two together.   Easter morning, she wouldn't eat.  She spent all day, while I was getting ready for Easter dinner, in her kennel.  I tried her on some ham, which she ate.  Then, my son-in-law heard her crying.  I went to her.  She was laying on her side in her kennel crying.  I picked her up and held her.  I called the vets office and was told to call Vet Emergency.  I took her there and they did tests on her and found she had Kidney Disease and had probably had it for quite some time.  They kept her there overnight with IVs to flush out her kidneys.  They said if I took her home and waited to take her to the vet the next day, she probably would not make it through the night.


The next morning, I picked her up at 6:30 am along with her IVs and transferred her to her vet, where she stayed for three days. I brought her home on my birthday.  I was so excited she was coming home.  Before taking her inside, I set her down in the yard to go potty.  She fell over and went all over herself.  She was able to get herself back up again, but fell over again.  I took her in the house and held her for awhile.  I was suppose to give her two different types of meds and Hills K/D.  I could not get her to take her meds.  I tried to mix them in her food but could not get her to eat.  She, for that day, was existing, not living.  She made it through the night but pooped all over everywhere.  She was very weak she tried to stand to get a drink and fell head first into her water dish.  The next morning I called the vet and told him it was time we put her down.  She cannot live like this.  She was so weak she could not even stand up. She wouldn't eat so would not be able to regain her strength.  What little she did eat came out of her in one way or the other.  She had diarrhea and was vomiting.  With Misty it seemed so sudden.  She was herself up until Easter (except for the night problems) and 5 days later I was putting her down.  Cuddles was at least 17 and was blind and could not stand without leaning against a wall.  I knew he was in pain.  Misty just seemed like she was great one day and sick the next.  I still feel it was my fault. I should never have put her on the canned food.  I didn't know.  I miss her more than anything.  I won't be getting another dog to take her place.  I just don't think it's possible to love another as much as I loved Misty.



I asked God for a flower, He gave me a garden.

I asked God for a tree, He gave me a forest.

I asked God for a river, He gave me an ocean.

I asked God for the world, He gave me "Misty Rose"

My heart is lost to you always and forever.




NOVEMBER 29, 2009



 Misty:  It’s your 14th birthday.  To me you are still a baby.  My baby.  I miss you so much it hurts every day.  I hope you are having a good time in Heaven.  I know you have made lots of friends and of course met your long lost brother, Cuddles. 

Things here are just not the same.  I actually missed all your barking on Halloween.  You barked and ran to the door every time the doorbell rang.  It always made dad mad.  Then there’s your birthday.  How can I not miss you then?  Then the Holidays.  You never learned to open your own presents, like Cuddles used to do.  We just opened them for you.  You did always know which presents were yours.  All we had to do was say “Where’s your present Misty?” and you’d go pull it out from under the tree. 

Monica was over today.  I was typing a form for her.  She suddenly turned around and said she thought she heard you breathing.  So, I’m not crazy.  I’ve been saying ever since you’ve been gone that I thought I heard you changing position on the wood floor behind me, only to turn and you not being there.  Monica said she thought she heard you let out a sigh like you did when you wanted some attention.


Dad still says no more dogs.  He has never been a dog lover.  He just doesn’t understand.  I’m going to keep hinting and maybe, with a little luck, he’ll give in.  I need another dog to fill that void that you left.  You filled it when Cuddles left me.  I know you would want me to get another dog to love.  There is enough room in my heart for Cuddles, you and another fur baby.  Then again, I don’t know if I could stand to lose another like I did you and Cuddles.   It hurts so bad.  You were my little girl, my baby.


I hope you have lots of wonderful things planned for your first birthday in heaven. 

Have a really Happy birthday sweetheart and don’t worry about me.  I’ll be fine.  I have all these wonderful people at Critters to help me.  They all know exactly how I feel, unlike daddy.  It takes a pet lover to know a pet lover.  I will see you someday.


I Love You, Baby.  I always will.  You will remain in my heart right next to Cuddles forever and ever.






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