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Memorial created 04-20-2009 by
Vicki Sullivan
Misty Rose Sullivan
November 29 1995 - April 17 2009

Misty Rose came to Rainbow Bridge April 17, 2009. She felt so alone. She missed mom so bad. She didn't know any of the other kids here. What was she going to do?   She just wanted to sit down with her face in her paws and cry.

Suddenly a black poodle came up to her and introduced himself as Cuddles, her brother.  My brother! Mom had talked about him.

Cuddles invited her to come to his condo. He said he had plenty of room.   So she followed her new found brother and ended up at the most beautiful condo she could ever expect to see. Cuddles showed her to a beautiful bedroom, complete with a fluffy pink comforter. This made her feel so much better. It wasn't home, on mom's bed, but it was still very pretty and





comfortable looking. And she wasn't alone anymore. She couldn't thank Cuddles, enough.

Later, Cuddles showed Misty around the condo and said “if there are any changes you want to do feel free to do them. This is your home now too. This has been a bachelor condo for 13 years. It's time for a change.” Misty decided she would think about that. She didn't want to do anything too quickly for fear of Cuddles not liking it.

Cuddles , next, took her to meet a neighbor. It was another Maltese just like her. Her name was Maddie. She lived right next door. “How wonderful.” Maddie said, “Please come over anytime. I love company” Not only did she have a brother here, but now a new friend.

Misty went to bed that night in her new surroundings. She cried herself to sleep.”I miss mom so much. I miss snuggling with mom at night. This place is beautiful, but nothing like home. There will be no more giving mom kisses and sitting on her lap. I really will miss that a lot, but this new bed is comfortable and the pink comforter is very soft. Maybe I can hug my pillow and pretend like  it's mom.” Misty hugs her pillow and falls asleep. She dreams of the good times she had at home on earth. 



The next morning, Cuddles is waiting for her in the kitchen. Coffee is made. Breakfast is cooking. Turns out Cuddles owns a Malt Shop on Heaven's Way. The pancakes and sausages were wonderful. The coffee (she never had coffee before) was really good, fresh ground. The smell was even better than the taste. 

 There was a knock on the door. Cuddles answered and in comes another poodle that looks just like Cuddles. His name was Puck. He's so funny. He calls Cuddles his maybe Dad. With Puck are several other kids. Misty has a little trouble remembering their names. Let's see, Dale, Luna, Luke, Garcia, Kia, Dollie, Duke, Sparkman and another Maltese named Baci. They are all so nice. I think I might like it here after all. They said not everybody could make it, but I would meet them all very soon.

Grandma and Grandpa are up here somewhere. I didn't know Grandpa but Cuddles tells me he was really nice. They got a dog named Caesar just before Grandpa came to Heaven. Grandma had Caesar for about 12 years, then she got Happy. I knew Happy. He was a real pest to me. He only lived to 3 years old That was too bad.  Caesar and Happy came to see us once. They live with Grandma and Grandpa on  another cloud a long ways from here. I would love to see Grandma again.

 Maddie and I opened a Boutique and called it Maddtique. We stocked it with all kinds of clothes, man bags, etc for all the Angel kids to have. Cuddles changed the name of his Malt Shop to Two Malts and a Poodle. Hammy, the hamster, works there with Cuddles serving food and malts. Hammy is married to Minnie, the cat.  Now that's a strange pair, but you never know what love will bring.

 When Maddie opened Maddtique. She needed a lot of help and asked if I would be manager. Of course, I didn't know if I could do that without experience, but Maddie said there was no experience needed. So here I am, manager of a Boutique called Maddtique. We also help Cuddles run Two Malts and a Poodle.

We had our grand opening at Maddtique October 15. Wow! We really had a lot of business. We don't sell stuff. All we need is a note from anyone who wants something, that they promise to do a good deed for another fur angel or for their mom's and dad's on earth. A lot of good deeds have been done in the last seven months. The opening was just in time for stocking up on Halloween geer.



On October 17 we had the big opening of Two Malts and a Poodle. What a party that was. Dusty and Greta took Kia's motorcyle. Somehow I ended up joy riding in the bag on the back of the motorcycle. For awhile I had to hang on with my teeth. I'll never step a paw onto her motorcycle again. I even lost my shoe.

 One day, not so long ago, I was walking along the path and saw my brother Cuddles. At least I thought it was, but it ended up being Puck. How funny. Then along came Cuddles and thenBuddy and there were three of them. Puck thought they should start their own band called Three Dog Twin. With my brother Cuddles here and Puck here, eveybody is always making that mistake. It's really funny. They like to make people think they're who they really aren't.

 We started selling a new parfume at Madditique called Angels Mission. I found the fragrance and it seems everybody likes it. You can smell it everywhere you go.

  One day Puck lost a whole bunch of stuff out of his manbag. His manbag was so old and full of holes. We got some new ones in at Madditque and had one  for Puck. We even put a Norwegian lable on it since he claims to be Norwegian (I think that's funny, since French Poodle are from France). Puck ended up finding most of his stuff, except, somebody ate all his jellybeans.

We all went for a sail for Dale's birthday. What fun that was. Everybody was there. It was Dale's new boat and all the sails had all of us fur Angels pictured on them. Dale was so excited he was beside himself.

And did you know? Puck has a special Island. We have a lot of parties there. Had one back in September for Buster. Buster is from the UK and is a friend of Patch. Puck and Dollie had their birthday around the same time as the opening at Maddtique. We are just busy busy fur angels. Always something happening. The human Angels let us do just about anything we want. There's no real rules here. Life in Heaven is real good. Lots of good food, good friends, good parties. It never ends. But, we all miss our humans we left at home. Someday, we will see them again. I know we will.

 We planned a big party for Halloween and Cuddles birthday. You should have seen Maddie. She was dressed like a ghost

Then on November 29th, Maddie and Cuddles threw me a birthday party. Wow, it was so much fun. It was a surprise party. Caliya, the pit bull was there and boy can that girl eat. She ate my first cake and had to order me another one. That was  okay though. Maddie said Caliya's Party planners did the party. There was a big dinner A door prize was given, a pink Hummer. And the first name drawn was Caliya. Well I guess she wasn't even suppose to have her name in the drawing, but she really wanted a pink Hummer. Ended up Saada won and donated the Hummer to Tater Pups orphanage. Caliya was okay with that. All and all it was a good time

On October 31, we had Halloween and Cuddles birthday party. Boy what a crowd we had. Bailey and Gretchen, Kia, Cassie,, Rocky, Dale, Maddie, Saada, Baci, Puck, Chrissey,Dollie, Caliya and the list goes on and on. Two Malts and A Poodle was decorated with lots of spooky stuff. We danced and drank (root beer) 'till the wee  hours of the morning. I, though, went home a little early. Didn't feel too well. I could hear the party going and then winding down. Mine and Cuddles condo was jammed packed with presents. Thank goodness most of them could be eaten, 'cause I don't know where we would have put them all otherwise. 


and thought nobody would know her. It was funny though 'cause her pony tail was sticking up through the top of the costume. She didn't know it. And she thought she would scare everybody.


I remember mom saying she thought it was all in howPit Bulls were raised that gave them a bad rap.. I'm glad, 'cause there are a couple of pit bulls here that must have been raised good. Caliya is a pit bull that likes to dress up and can that girl eat!!!!! Then there's Sammy. He just seems kind of laid back. Don't see him much though. But he's be right there if you needed him.

Christmas of 2009 here was really a lot of fun. Maddie and Cuddles decorated our condo. They put the tree up and all kinds of decorations. The condo looked so festive. It kind of made me miss home on earth even more. Anyway, Maddie, who calls me cuz 2 of a kind, did all the work herself with a little help from Cuddles. You gotta love that girl. Always thinking of everybody else. And she works so hard. Sometimes she kind of gets a little upset with me, 'cause I like to sleep late. She and Cuddles usually have the coffee made for me when I get up.


 It's been almost a year now since I came here. I still miss mom a lot, but I watch her all the time. I can see how sad she is. She never got another dog. She still cries at night. I wish she wouldn't cry. I wish she would get another dog. I guess dad won't let her. Maybe he'll give in some day. I know God has a special dog just waiting for her, when that someday comes.


There's a common area for the condos here. Everybody here can use it for whatever they want. It has a weather worn Gazebo, some plants, a fountain/birdbath and a birdhouse. Its really fun to watch the birds in the bath, and I think there's babies (is that possible in Heaven?) in the birdhouse. I go sit in the Gazebo on nice days and read. It's so peaceful.


Well, I'll be glad when I have my Angel Day this year. I think my new wings will grow into big beautiful golden wings. I can hardly wait for that. I should be able to fly high in them, although, I'm kind of scared of heights. I'm sure Maddie will go with me the first couple of times. She got her golden wings back in December, I think.Valentines Day was great. Cuddles made me and Maddie a big, big breakfast. We got Valentines from just about everybody. Just a day for relaxing with your best boyfriend or gurlfriend.




It's been almost a year now since I came here. I still miss mom a lot, but I watch her all the time. I can see how sad she is. She never got another dog. She still cries at night. I wish she wouldn't cry. I wish she would get another dog. I guess dad won't let her. Maybe he'll give in some day. I know God has a special dog just waiting for her, when that someday comes.

We Maltese's made a trip to Malta to have dinner. We do that a lot 'cause we are  from Malta. On March 20, we took Baci with us 'cause it was his one year at the bridge. There was me, Maddie, Baci, and Little Annie. Garcia was too busy to come with us. We ended up taking an airplane that the Angels gave us, back to Rainbow Bridge. I didn't have my golden wings yet and Baci's had just grown in and he wasn't too sure of himself. The airplane was big and Maddie flew it and I was co-pilot. We got back just in time for the one year anniversary for Baci.

On the 21st of March, there was a big birthday party for Little Annie Cotton Candy. She's also a Maltese. Kind a shy. I drove my red convertible to Annie's cottage where we were going to set up the party. Had everything in the trunk , presents, balloons, and evern a multi tier cake. Little Annie was really surprised.



 My first year Angelversary is just a week away. My golden wing buds are beginning to get bigger. I was told there is a party planned for me. I hope all my new friends here are able to come. That would be so much fun. Of course I want my bestest friend Maddie to be with me. And can't forget my brother Cuddles.




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