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Memorial created 04-24-2009 by
Lindsay Kimbell
Josie Walter
October 18 1997 - April 24 2009


In loving memory of our sweet Pupster who we love so much. Josie will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Josie touched our lives for 11 1/2 years. She shared many memories with us as a family. She was here during Lindsay and Lauren's high school and college graduations. She also nursed her "Mommy" back to health after a horrible car accident. Josie was there when her "big sister" Lindsay was married and to see Emma born. Josie will be greatly missed by her family: Billy, Nadine, Lindsay, Lauren, Emma and Rusty (the beagle).

Josie is actually my mom's dog, but she belonged to ALL of us. I created this page to honor Josie and to give my mom a special memorial for her. Josie took care of all of us and touched our lives in so many ways. She may be gone, but we will never forget her. She will be in our hearts forever!

It's amazing how something that is so small and that can't even talk, can have such a profound affect on our lives. Dogs seem to always know what is going on in our lives and can always tell when we need some "attention."

I will slowly be adding stories and special memories of Josie. Right now, it is still hard to do this so it will take some time.


Sweet Josie

Up until Josie became sick, she enjoyed everything most dogs enjoy. She loved laying on the sofa or bed with her Mommy, Nadine. She loved Greenies and loved getting to go outside and see Rusty. In the last week or so of Josie's life, she had become ill with bronchitis. She also developed a toxic uterine infection. She underwent emergency surgery to remove the uterine infection, but in the end it was all too much for her little body to overcome. Josie passed away on Friday, April 24, 2009 around 5:00 pm. Now she is with God and will be waiting for ALL of us to join her!


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