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Memorial created 04-26-2009 by
Denise Shreffler
November 1 1995 - April 25 2009

What a Handsome Boy!!

In loving memory of our Windsor who we love so much. Windsor will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

It was one of the happiest days of my life when we were given this blessing. We called him Windsor. He was 3 months old and was being given away by a couple who did not think that they would have time for him. He was the cutest little puppy. We had just moved to Texas from Missouri and it was perfect timing, as we were homesick and a puppy was what the doctor ordered for us. It was love at first site. When he was going to sleep yesterday I had flashbacks of this little baby while being trained and how proud we were of him. He went EVERYWHERE with us and ohhhhh the compliments we received when he was with us. He was just so handsome. Windsor was such a smart boy. Daddy taught him how to do all of the regular puppy tricks and then some. He would put things in the trash for you, in the dirty clothes and when he wanted to go potty, he woudl come up to me and say "Mommma".... warmed my heart and I never got tired of hearing him say that. We had a pool that he loved to swim in and just float around in, the good life is what he made it seem. It was not uncommon to let Windsor out to potty and find him under the Trumpet Vines watching the bees... He loved anything that creeped, crawled, walked, flew - ANYTHING. We would go on trips and he would stand the whole way looking out the window for Cows and Horses. When he saw one boy did he ever get excited, was so cute to watch. I have so many wonderful Windsor stories, as he was with me almost 14 years. We lost his brother Wallace last year on May 3rd ( memorial id 4242) to Cancer and Windsor really has missed him.Windsor was so understanding when Wallace was sick, as Wallace needed me and took a lot of my time. I always found time to be with Windsor to let him know that Momma stil loved him. Windsor was so humanlike that I know he understood... I so hope that the bridge is real and that Wallace met him there . I can see them playing and rolling around in the grass and Windsor watching butterlies while Wallace play ball. I am glad that Wallace isn't alone anymore, but so sad to have let my baby go.  He was a lover of life, but as he got older he became more and more independent. He loved his Momma and I loved him too. Last night was so very hard going to bed and he not be there to pet until I fell asleep... we knew that he was getting older and that this was to be expected, just not prepared. When can you be though? I really don't think it is possible.

Some of Windsor's nick names are : Weezie, Weezer, Weanie bug, Lumpy Lump and Old man. He would come to each one. He loved people and they loved him. One of the nick names his Vet in Texas called him Fabio, because of his long golden blonde hair on his ears. He is such a beautiful boy.

All Windsor ever needed was a Window or a door to look outside. Every morning I would make sure the blinds were open so he could see the Tuppy Quirrel's and see everything that was going on. He was a very alert boy for sure. I couldn't bring a bag of ANYTHING into the house and set it on the floor... he was in it and pulling out what he thought was his or should be his. When friends would come over you could always count on Ole Weeze going through their purse making sure that they didn't forget to bring him something. Luckily no one ever got upset with him. because they loved him too.

Rest in Peace my Boy... Momma will never forget you and how much you have meant and still mean to my and my life. You have been the biggest part of my life the past 14 years. You have been the most loyal companion that anyone could have ever asked for and more. You were my shiny spot in what were some of the darkest, cloudy days that my life has endured.. It was you and I against the world at one time and I will always cherish each day, each memory of you. My heart will hold you forever my boy. 


Love Always,



Awwww Spring is here!

Awwww finally Spring. Windsor loved laying in the grass and taking in the sun, smells and sites. He loved being outside. What a beautiful boy you are Weanie Bug.... I love you!


Taking in the Sun

Windsor taking a nap in the sun. This was one of our first Sping like days this year.....I knew when taking this picture that this was probably going to be his last spring.... little did I know he had a month left.  :*(


Silly Boy!!

Windsor was a ham in front of the Camera for sure. He would let you dress him, do anything to him for a picture!


I will never forget you my boy!! XOXOX

They say memories are golden well maybe that is true. But I never wanted memories, I only wanted you. A million times I needed you, a million times I cried. If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. In life I loved you dearly, In death I love you still. In my heart you hold a place no one could ever fill. If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane, I'd walk the path to heaven and bring you back again. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same. But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again...

 ~Author Unknown


My Life.....

Windsor and Wallace, momma's 2 precious boys... My two "Tuppies" are together again. Windsor Tuppy and Wallace Tuppy... Go play, love one another.. we will be together again.. I am just sure of it. How can we not be if there is a God? I know that there is God and he will give me the desire of my heart and right now that is all that I desire is to be back with you two. Momma Loves you both so much....Please send me somekind of sign that I did the right thing by you... I love you so much... both of you.


A Tribute Picture from Deb and Sweet Kia... Thank you sooo much!

I am now with my Best Bubby, Wallace.....I am happy that he was there to meet me. I missed him so very much... I love him.


Thank you Deb and Kia for making this pic for my Momma, she loves it :)

This is me and my Bubby Wallace. I was 7 and he was almost 1 year old!!  Don't tell anyone, but I really didn't start loving him until he was 2  :)  Then he because my best buddy and I loved to tease him... that was sooo much fun!


You truly are my Angel...I love you Weeze! XOXOXOX

Thank you for this Picture Corrie and sweet Max!


Our 3 babies together again.....

We lost all three babies within 1 year of each other... it has been a really tough year to say the least....

Thank you Corrie and sweet Max for being so thoughtful!!


Waiting for Momma



Hey Buddy!! Oh how I miss you!! Yesterday was a really, really hard day for me Weeze.... I miss you so much! I miss Wallace! I miss my Boys! I was going to the Dentist and started crying just uncontrollably. As I write this I cry... I am a mess buddy. I can't get that last day out of my mind. Please forgive me Windsor..... I am soooo soooo sorry.....  :*(    I would change that whole day if I could..... I love you so much.... I will always love my boy...... Mom and Dad have been really busy this summer.... We went to Florida and then Mom went on a Float trip last week with some high school friends. There were some that I hadn't seen in almost 20 years... That is 6 more years older than you !  Hard to believe. I can hardly remember my life without you Windsor. You are my Oldest and my Deareat friend.... I love you so much, please don't forget me....... until next time - My heart will hold you forever!! XOXOXOXOX

Love always and forever,



Thank you Laura for this pic!!


Hey Buddy,

It has almost been a year and I have to tell you that my life has been empty without you Windsor... You have no idea...I just miss you something terrible and I am so sorry for your death. I know that you are not here with momma, but that you are happy with our special buddy Wallace and our little princess Cassie. Please know that NOT A DAY GOES BY that I am not thinking of you. You were my night in shining armor and I love you for that. You were there when no one else was and I have not forgotten. I pray that you are laying in the fields of gold watching to and fro for the birds, the butterflies. Watching our Wippy Wallace chase balls and stcks... Be good to one another my boy.. Until next time.. My heart will hold you forever - Momma will see you one day soon.... XOXOXOXOXO

Dear Lord,

Please keep my babies safe and sound. As you know they are good boys. Please remind them that their momma loves them so much. Thank you father for watching them and keeping them for me.... I love you.....


Love always and forever



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