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Memorial created 05-2-2009 by
Michelle Mckenna
June 26 1996 - April 28 2009

Pretty girl!

In loving memory of Zena...our pretty girl, you will always be in our hearts!


Zena came into our lives the summer of 1996.  We had to choose between her and her sister and I know we made the right choice.  Zena was sweet, loving and affectionate and instantly became the third child in the family.  My parents worked opposite shifts for the first few months so that someone would always be home with her to take care of her and train her.  She became  a wonderful pet and part of our family. 

Zena never asked too much of anyone.  She wanted a walk up Parkwood fields with me or dad and to be fed twice a day.  But we always gave her so much more.  She was showered with attention from the whole family.  She loved  "getting pretty", getting rubbed down and scratched behind the ears, making lunch with mom, sleeping in my bed, playing with her toys, chewing her bones, biting Dee's shoelaces, or just hanging out with th family.   She was always happy.  Everyone knew our house was made for the comfort of the dog.  When you came over, you had to say hi to Zena before you did anything else.

When Zena was 7, she came down with diabetes.  My dad worked feverishly to keep it under control.  We had to test her urine twice a day and give her two shots of insulin, keep her on a strict diet and constantly keep an eye on her.  It was a lot of hard work, but we all chipped in to keep her healthy and keep it under control.  After the first month or so she would wait to get her needle, it was pretty amazing.

Zena's health was pretty good up until Jan. 2009.  It was then that we realized something was wrong and after a lot of blood work and  some tests,  it was revealed she had bladder cancer.  About the same time her hips started to become very weak and a tumor she had on her chest started to grow massively both in and out of her body.  Her whole body seemed to be shutting down.  Although we were able to attack the cancer with medicine and put her on pain meds for her hips, the chest tumor made it very difficult for her to move around.  She was also losing muscle mass in her front legs.  We did everything we could to keep her comfortable.  About a month before she died she stopped going up the steps so we all kept her company downstairs and every night we took turns sleeping with her in the basement so she wouldn't be alone.  Sadly on April 28th, we came home to find that she could barely walk and was scared and in pain.  As a family, we made the excrutiating desicion to put her to sleep. 

It's been very depressing and lonely without her.  We all miss and love her so much.  She was truly the perfect dog.  She was loving, sweet, loyal and innocent and it hurts so much not to have her here with us.  RIP baby girl!









You are finally home with us baby girl! We love you!

Our puppy girl!

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