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Janice Giampaoli

Memorial created 05-26-2009 by
Janice Giampaoli
1990 - June 0 2002

Sitting at my sister's desk looking out the window

In loving memory of our sweet, gentle Samuel who we love so much. Samuel is  greatly missed and is forever in our hearts.

Samuel was one of the sweetest, most gentle cats I have ever known.  None  of my cats since him have been that sweet and gentle.  Samuel would not hurt a fly, and his tolerance level was incredible.  Such a great boy!

My sister found Samuel under the hood of our family's old buick, which sat in the street at the side of our house.  They heard him cry.    He was a tid bit at the time, no more than 6-8 weeks old.  He was under the hood to keep warm, and we suspect he had been dumbed off.  He may have gotten lost, but he seemed to be too young to venture out that far.  We do not know the answer.  He was so adorable.  By the time I met him, he was no longer scared as he had been initially.  I had just come home to San Jose, CA from school in MI.  

Sammy was such a love; so affectionate and gentle.  He encountered a terrible unintentional accident involving my brother's car when he was a baby kitten.  Sammy was in a full leg cast, on one leg,  for several weeks. The cast was as big as he was.  I remember that when the cast came off, I imagined Sammy saying, Free at last, free at last, thank God I'm free at last.  With great vet care, and TLC at home, he recovered fully and was just like new.  

Sammy couldn't walk by without my picking him up and loving him.  He was kissed and held a lot.  Unbelievably, I bathed Sammy once a week, and he actually came to tolerate it.   I use to sing to him in the tub, "Rub a dub dub in the tub tub tub, Sammy, Sammy."  Samuel had this beautiful full coat of smokey gray hair; light underneath and dark on top.  He also had bits of brown throughout his coat. 

One summer day while in my brother's sunporch upstairs, I looked out the window to the backyard and saw Sammy with a large lizard in his mouth crosswise.  I yelled down to Sammy, "Samuel that is not a toy, let him go."  He must have held him with a gentle bite because the next thing I knew, Samuel dropped the lizard, and away the lizard went unharmed.   Samuel did not even attempt to go after him. 

The last five years of Samuel's life was unfortunate in that he never adapted to the three new dogs that came into our family, one of them being my Duke at RB.  Molly and Emily are still with us.  We repeatedly tried to include Sammy in all we did, but he would not budge.  Our dogs and other cats interact (ed) freely and lovingly, but for some reason, Samuel felt uncomfortable and chose not to be part of the human/canine/family.  I pray to God that he did not feel misplaced.  I had thought of that, and it made me feel so bad.  I wanted Samuel to know that we loved him notwithstanding the new members, and that he was still an integral part of our family.

In June 2002, at the age of 12, Samuel died of kidney failure.  I was devastated to have to left go of him.  I was with him the entire time holding him close, including three hours following his departure to RB.  Even in death, Samuel had such a sweet face with those beautiful rosebud ips.  I buried Sammy in our backyard, but in late 2005, when we were remodeling our family home to sell, I exhumed Sammy's remains and had them cremated.  They are with me now along with his collar. 

Samuel you were, and are, a most wonderful cat.  It was a blessing sharing our lives with you.  Now, you, Duke, Brutus, Samantha and Precious can hang out without your being afraid.  Duke was with our family when you passed on so you will recognize him.  Give a very big love, hug and kiss to Snowy too (another rescue), who we also miss.  He was your buddy feline at that time until he passed on to RB.   We Love You Samuel.


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