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Michael Crump

Memorial created 11-17-2009 by
Caren crump
Gypsy Rose
May 8 2001 - November 16 2009

Gypsy Rose Chillin

In loving memory of our Gypsy Rose who we love so much. Gypsy Rose will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Mom and Dad. CC & Michael. Shes a beautiful blonde pomerian that gave us so much joy and love. I will never be able to say goodbye i'll hope to see her in heaven......................................She was a pistal, different than any of my other dogs Thank goodness tinker bell(my english bulldog) will help me thru this time. I will add more later, i'm just so upset and can't stop crying.      Thank you to all of you  who have written to me, it means alot.She left us so quick it was not expected. I guess god did not want her to suffer.She was diagnosed with a collapsed treacha-large liver and heart 2 years ago, We treated her at a specialist because our vet said there was nothing they could do. So she had been  taking human inhalers, liver support pills, steroid pills to open her lungs and hydrocodom-Spelling? Then Saturday the 14th she was fine, we took her for a walk and prissy britches was happy. that night after dinner she  kept throwing up, in the morning there was blood on the pee pads, she was limp and i rushed her to the emergeny on the weekend, they said she was critical had alot of liver enlargement, pancrenitis, heart enlarged, trouble breathing, blood cells were off, they told me to pick her up and bring to my  vet at 6:30 in morning,  i picked her up and 30 minutes later she died  in my arms, i got to hold her and  my husband went in to say goodbye  later that morning, and set up her cremation so we could bring her home with us. They said she had liver  cancer that spread thru out her body and into the intestines and that is why she was bleeding,, my doctor felt she held on till i could get her because at  the medical clinic they kept her on oxegyn.I only hope she was in no pain, she never showed pain, even when she got bit by a brown recluse, they had to cut across her whole back end to get all the poisen in the flesh. No one thought with her trachea she would make it this long, but i kept praying. I guess god new it was time.


Gypsy and her mom

Just rose and mom at home , she was 6 months old.


Well it's the 4th of may, i thought i would wright just something alittle early. You would have been 9. Than on may 16 it will be 6 months since you left this earth. As long as i know i get to see you one day. Some times are harder than others, i still see you everywhere.    It doesn't seem like 6 months...................I know your not in pain and i just love you so much it hurts. Bless you angel. Remember me l day. Your Mom


This was here lst and favorite toy.

My mom and dad gave her , her lst squeky toy and pink dinsour. Every toy she got she hid it upstairs so my bull dog would not get it, since tinker could not climb the stairs, we blocked it because she is too clumsy.She was a happy dog.


Gypsy Rose and her mom

Gypsy with mom, before mom and dad took a motor cycle ride, everytime she heard michael start up the motor cycle she would get mad and start barking. Then again anytime she heard any motorcycle near she barked.


Gypsy and her lst stuffed white tiger

This a picture of her with the first white tiger i gave her, she slept with it. Precious angel, now tinker bell put it in her bed in living room, i guess she smells rosey.


Gypey @ 7 weeks old

Just the cutest little baby. We called her swettie / meanie-she had alot of heridatary problems, we had to tell people keep your shoes on and no sandels. She got mad when people left and attacked your feet. You know the back part of your arm she used to draw blood on me and michael-with her devil eyes, but then she always gave kisses and loved to touch when in the bed or on the couch.  She made us laugh all the time.


Mom & Dad With The Rose

Me and michael with gypsy rose at my parents house.


Gypsy's Sister Tinker Bell she is 7o# now

This is tinker bell @ 6 weeks old .she is now 3 1/2 with her own heriditary issues, she will help  us thru, i feel guilty loving her, is that wrong.She misses gypsy alot also.

It's only been almost 3 months, i think about you all the time. I don't know how to do all the special hearts and all yet so i am writing my thoughts. I laugh about all the things you did, we called you sweetie/meanie. When tinker got her big girl bed you walked right into it and peed, tinker just looked at you in amazement and you just prissed off...........You always had to be the boss l.o.l. Tinker loved you so much but you wouldn't even give her the time of day, you thought you were a person, and yes to me your and tinker were both my kids. Me and your dad did all we could no matter what the cost. I still see you in my arms rocking you the last day, i was in so much shock that morning you passed away in my arms, i don't even remembering driving home or anything, i had to have your dad go make all the final arrangements. You were my lst baby to pass away rosey and you were my child so to speak since i have none, my world evolves around my girls............Tinker is helping me, she is still healing from her last 2 surgery's , she still looks for you and she now keeps your lst tiger in her bed, i guess she can smell you. Take care baby. Mama loves you so much it hurts.


7/17/2010 Gosh gypsy rose, i can't believe your gone. * months on the 16th. Dad got me a   king charles spaniel for my birthday, you willl always stijll be number one, I love you so much, I cant believe your gone.   I begged you or help and understanding and i believer you  tried to send it to me. Bless you swettie, i hope there is a  heaven i can will be forgiven for aanything  i have done, i was so blessed to have you in my life. l ove mom.


Mom with Harley-Gypsy's other sister

You were so strong willed rosey, i think that is why you lived as long as you did. I wish i could have had you's only feb. l, it feels like forever since i've seen you-i'm not having a good day today-I miss you so much............Mom


Gypsy's sister Tinker bell still growing

Hey Gypsy, It has been 10 months and it seems like only yesterday. I miss you so much. We have little prince now and he just loves tinker bell so much, Tinker really misses you and had a hard few weeks. I just wanted to let you know i think about you everyday, i still have your photos everywhere. I don't visit as much because it is so hard, but i will always love and miss you, You will always be in my heart and my thoughts, You taught me to love, you will always be my special angel and i  can't wait to see you again l day. Bless you sweetie-love mom, tinker bell, harley and prince...................Just know you will never be replaced.


My Harley Girl

One of my favorite photos. Waiting to get some more downloaded w/her sister.


Prince-Your Little Brother Born 3/26/10

Well my sweet Gypsy rose, it will be 9 months on the l6th of August. I'm doing alot better than i was, i just think about all the pain you must have been in and now you are not suffering anymore and in a happier place, peaceful, with all your furr babies and the angels and God. I will see you one day, untill then remember you will in my heart and memories forever.I feel so blessed to have had you in my life, you taught me about unconditional love, you never judged me and loved me no matter what my faults were. Bless you sweet baby.........................Love Mom.......................................................


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