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Michael Crump

Memorial created 11-17-2009 by
Caren crump
Gypsy Rose
May 8 2001 - November 16 2009

Rosey and her harley hat

Moma misses you so much. It has only been l l/2 months and i still look and listen for you. You will be in my heart and memories forever sweetie.


Playing in the

I still laugh at about your habits. I still miss having to run and jump in bed, because you would always try to bite our feet. Everyone who sat by you on the couch made sure not to touch you the wrong way, you would get mad. You definately did not like your tail touched, and it took me forever to get you to not bite me giving you the inhalers, i had to bribe you with a treat, you knew what that was. When you went outside to pee, beause you girls always got treats, you tried to trick us, you would go out and peek in the window like you went, but you didn't i would have to tell you 3 times go in the grass, you were alittle treat munger. I had to keep finding new ways to give you your pills, i would hide it in a hotdog but you starting eating around it, so i had to go to cheese, peanut butter, etc..There was only l lady that could groom you, everyone else was afraid of you-cause you were a biter, even the vets had to cover you with towel to hold you. Oh you were such a stinker-But i miss everything about you-you definately had your own personality-L.O.L..You were also so loveable...........You always gave kisses, loved to sit on the couch with me, when dad was gone you would sleep on his pillow. I don't work so i have always been home with you girls alot, when we went on vacation i had a pet sitter for you girls, the last 2 times we went my mom and dad came to stay with you'll also because you would have attacks sometimes-we knew that if you didn't eat there was something wrong, you never passed up food. We always made sure someone was there because the last 2 times we had to go out of town the pet sitter brought you to the vet..I feel so blessed to have you in my life, there will never be another one like you, I just love you so much, my heart breaks-i have lots of photo's of you girls, i put a special one of you right by the couch, i'm always picking it up and i kiss it, i know that sounds weird-Tinker is so layed back-so different i'm not sure what to do sometimes because you followed me everywhere-especially into the kitchen you were right under my feet, sometimes i think i here you bark or when you wanted in bed you would put your paws up and sometimes i think i feel my sheet move ..Well i know your in heaven, i pray t hat i will see you again..I've always had to deal with my depression but it's alot worse now, i have to force myself to even go to the store..I'm sure people don't want to know all that but i needed to write to you. Bye for now sweetie. Love Mom


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