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Michael Crump

Memorial created 11-17-2009 by
Caren crump
Gypsy Rose
May 8 2001 - November 16 2009

Some of gypsy's family

The l6th of December will be l month since you left me. I love you so much............Sometimes i wonder if i will ever be able to stop crying-i love you so much and only hope i get to see you one day. You were like my child rosey, since i have none, and my lst baby to die. God give me the strength to go on. I will never forget you and you will always be in my heart and memories. Your Mom. Caren




Its the 19th, 2 days since it was 8 months. It's hard but it is getting easier, our little addition and tinker play all the time. He really helps mommy too, i know you will understand, you will always be number l in my heart, you were my lst to come and my lst to leave. I know you are in heaven and not sick and hurting anymore, maybe god will forgive me for all my sins so i can  join you one day.Each of   our loved ones brings a different type of love to one and know what i mean. you were the happiest little sick dog i ever knew right up till the last minute, it just devasted me holding you at the end, i told them fix her...I was in shock and don't remember driving all over or    anything. But you are at rest now and don't have to take all that medicine. You know you were loved, i spoiled you rotten, it's like you were the parent and i was the child.You went thru so much sweetie, between your brown recluse and everything else. I feel very blessed to have the 8 years i did, never forget that. Love Mom



Tinker Bell Gypsy sister 8 weeks old
Harley-The other girl in the family

This is july 20th. On the l6th it was 8 months since you passed. We bought a little king charles and he justs loves tinker so much, i know that is helping, it is also helping me, i have alot of love to give but i will never forget you rosey and you know how  much i love you, you          are my heart and m emories, i think about you alot, we even kid about your silly ways............We did everything we could medically possibly and alot of love...................Your missed alot................Just know that. I sure hope i get to see you someday...........You were a cutie, we called you fluff butt alot. I love you little girl. Mom

Prince, the new additon to the family

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