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Memorial created 11-21-2009 by
Susan Witham
December 5 1993 - November 17 2009

Today is three months that have gone by without you in my life. I have been dreaming of you alot lately,  Just holding you in my arms again   and having you by my side gives me comfort even if it is a dream, and I dont want to wake up from them. but I was woken up this morning by a bark I thought I heard in the living room just like when you would look out the window and bark at all the dogs.  How I miss the sound of your bark. It has snowed and I could not help but be sad thinking about how you would try to catch the snowballs and run like crazy thru the high snow. Today is also the day that I lost Chooch It is double sad for me today.  But because of the loss of Chooch I got you.   But I know that you are with him and all your other cousins and all your new furbaby friends and Grandma and Grandpa is with you.  I love you Pebbles and I miss you so much.  The house is so empty with out you. You were my world and I am so lost with out you. 

I love you and Miss you with every beat of my heart.

Love always and forever

Mommy xxxxoooo

CHOOCH JUNE 2 1976- FEBRUARY 17 1994

Chooch I had 18 great years with you. My greatest memories growing up always include you.  You showed me how loyal and lovable and playful a dog can be and you set the standards very high for any other animal I let into my life. I Love you and I miss you my first baby.



The day I took you home

Today is February 19th  and it would have marked the anniversary that I took you home. When I first held you in my arms it was love at first sight, my heart was broken because I just lost  chooch and then I held you and you kissed my face and you helped heal  heal my broken heart, and from that day on we were never apart.  You helped me get thru some of the hardest things in my life like the loss of chooch and then the loss of Mommy which from that point on it was just the two of us.  You were also there for me thru all the good times and just watching you explore things was so worth everything.  You gave me your approval of Frank and you fell so inlove with him and he with you,  then we completed our family.  I love you  Pebbles and wish you were still with me.  I will always cherish the day I brought you in my life, you changed it forever.  It was always you and me no matter what.



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