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Memorial created 11-21-2009 by
Susan Witham
December 5 1993 - November 17 2009

   It was February 19, 1994  a Saturday afternoon and I was so depressed over the loss of my poodle terrier mix Chooch he was 18 years old and he just passed away on the 17th of February. I decided to go to the mall I went into the pet store and saw this very cute little Yorkshire Terrier baby girl, who just arrived., I asked to hold her and it was love at first sight, she was  kissing my face I looked into her eyes and called her Pebbles, and the next thing I knew I was writing a check out to buy her.  That was the best purchase I ever made in my life. On the ride home pebbles was so excited she was in my arms all the way home, from that point on she loved car rides. I drove around with her for awhile because my Mom said no more pets after Chooch died. She did not want to go thru that again. Now I know how she felt.  I finally took her home and we stayed in the bedroom until my Mom got home, she came home with grocery bags and Pebbles climbed right in them. My Mom was surprised but fell in love with her instantly, and Pebbles with her. She always stole my Moms TV guide fro her and took the slippers right off her feet and always tried to bite her butt whenever she tried to leave the house. She also would jump right in the middle of her bed when she went to sleep, leaving no room for my Mom.     

     Pebbles loved to play, go for very long walks, enjoyed going to the park and she enjoyed car rides. Whenever I got her going out bag together she got so excited to the point of exhaustion. The first time we took her to the beach her nose was out the window sniffing the sea air with her tail wagging. Once when we were walking her down by the shore she sniffed out a sand crab and followed it for a block or so, and every time we went back to that spot she would look for it again and again. Pebbles was very curious and liked to explore, she would try to sneak up on the squirrels and bunnies and would even wonder where the birds flew off to. She would stop to smell the flowers and  on every walk  someone always stopped to say hello to her from little kids to little old men who did not speak English to her but I swear she knew what they were saying.                                                                                                                                        Pebbles loved to go swimming she would sit at the edge of the pool with me and climb down my legs to get in the water, or she would throw her toy in and bark at it and jump in after it. If anyone was swimming under water should would bark and run along side of the pool until they came up.  If my niece or nephew was in the baby pool she would be very sneaky and take out there toys one by one and run and hide them, she always came home with a toy she stole from them, like she didn't have enough of her own, my last count was 950.

      Pebbles went everywhere with me she went shopping with me, to work, every time I went to someone's house she was right along side of me.  When I was not able to take her with me I got the guilt trip. Just watching her look at me thru the window as I drove off without her broke my heart, but the excitement to see me when I got home just made everything OK.

      Pebbles was afraid of fireworks and thunder every time it thundered you would find us sitting in a closet or in the bath tub whatever time of the day or night it was. Pebbles  would get so scared  she would shiver and as much as I was comforting her by holding her very tight she was comforting me as well, I hate the thunder.

    When my Mom died Pebbles took it very hard she would not let the EMT guys to work on her when she passed out, and waited for her to come home, she sat by the door and looked out the window and would not eat.  I had to call the vet to ask how to handle this and his advise to me was not to show her that I was grieving and to give her all my  attention and shower her with love and affection. So as much as I was helping her she was really helping me get thru one of the most difficult times in my life.  Whenever I would sit and cry she jumped right on my lap and kissed my tears away.  That is when it was just me and her forever.



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