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Memorial created 11-21-2009 by
Susan Witham
December 5 1993 - November 17 2009

Dear Pebbles

 The 4th of July is approaching and I know how scared you will be, I cant be with you right now  to hold you tight and try to calm your fears, but if you close your eyes and reach in your heart you can feel me holding  and kissing you and telling you not to be scared , and everytime I hear a firework I will tell you that  it is OK Mommy is with you in your heart  to protect you and  your fears. So try to enjoy the fireworks this year, I know the noise is loud for you but please dont be scared.

 You have Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Jimmy to protect you as they always protected me you are in good hands

I love you and miss you so much my baby doll.


Love Mommy



Bang boom zoom
Is what I hear!
Eye-catching colours
Fast appear
Bang boom zoom
Is what I hear!
Colourful paint drops
Invade the air
Bang boom zoom
Is what I hear!
Eye catching colours
Slowly disappear
Bang boom zoom
Is what I hear!
These colourful fireworks
I really seem to fear


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