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Memorial created 11-28-2009 by
Bonny Grotte
Ceaser Grotte
November 2 2009

my baby i miss you







he got ran over by a car and no one was there looking for him i didnt know he ran off because he was being watched by my father in law and one of his friend let him out without a leash and no one told me till the next day when i went in to surgery. i blame myself for bring him there cuz if he was here with me he would still be alive. i call the cops to get the body no body was found so in my mind he alive and if i go back to my father in laws house he might come back i would go there everyday to see if he came home and he hasnt i miss him so much i cryed a lot and its afected me so much when hes not here with me hes like my baby. i cant sleep i cant eat i dont know what to do :(


 cearser died on november 2, 2009


In loving memory of our Ceaser Grotte who we love so much. Ceaser Grotte will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


love u

cearse i love you so much please come home i want you home with me i would do anything just to have you back


he was a loveing careing and he would make you smile he makes my day but when hes gone its like theres a empty whole in my hurt cuz hes not here with me :(


we miss you ceaser and we love you so much wish you where here with us


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