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Memorial created 01-12-2010 by
Kathy B.
May 14 1997 - September 23 2009

My Best Friend In The Whole World!!!


Whitney, I am so lost without you. You had to leave this world TOO SOON for me.

Whitney first came into my  life when she was about  8-9 months old.  My daughter had four Pomeranians, three males (Riley, Cody and Bailey) and one female (Whitney).  When Whitney went into her first heat my daughter asked if I could take care of her, as it is not recommended to mate a female in her first heat (and she was driving the boys crazy).  My  daughter's plan was to mate her during her second heat.  Well, needlestosay, Whitney stayed with me and never went back to my daughter.  

We became soooo close, like a mother does with  a child. All my children were grown and out of the house.  She was with me all the time other than when I went to work, which made me feel so sad because she would see me gettting ready for work and when I told her that  "I had to go to work" she would put her tail between her legs and scoot under the bed.  I did have another dog at home to pal around with so she wasn't by herself.  

When I wasn't at work she would  always follow me around the house while I was doing housework. When I had to do errands she was always with me, as she loved to go for car rides.  Whenever I did errands and I would get hungry, I would stop at McDonald's and get two chicken sandwiches off their dollar menu and I would peel off the coating from one of them and give it to Whitney, so we always had lunch together. I miss those lunches Whitney. Whenever I get into my car I always look in the passenger seat and get tears in my eyes because you are not there anymore.   

I  decided to breed Whitney with one of my daughter's males a couple times during her life . She had three pupplies in her first litter and two puppies in her second litter.  She was such a good mom ( I plan on putting some of her puppy pictures on her memorial site at some time).  It was such a fun experience for  me (I don't know if Whitney would say the same thing). 

She was also my gardening buddy.   I would go outside and do some gardening on the weekends and it would be quite hot.  I would always bring her over the shade and told her to stay there because it was cooler there, but she had to be right next to me.  

She was my soul buddy.  Life went on and in 2007  she  started coughing.   I called  my (former)  vet and they thought it was "kennel cough", although she was never in a kennel.  Well, they treated her with antibiotics on and off for months.  Then they thought it was an allergy and treated her for that.  Finally,  I recorded her cough on a portable recorder and when the vet heard  the recording he took x-rays and said that she had a collapsing trachea,  which is  a disese in smaller breeds.  I was not reallly happy with what my former vet did for her so I  changed my vet care. This is when I met two WONDERFUL VETS in Traverse City , Dr. Marianne Jossens and Dr. David Burke, who helped me keep Whitney under good control for her collapsing trachea, as well as an enlarging heart. Whitney and I went to Michigan State University, which is a veterinary teaching school in Lansing, Michigan (which is about 3-4 hours away from Traverse City)  and found that she was not in congestive heart failure (as she was breathing so hard). Then we went back down to Michiagan State not too long later and talked to the Internal Mediciine department and they thought we could handle her condition on medication only. Time went by and  one night I was doing some computer work and saw her breathing soooo hard and then I said to myself  "Whitney, I need to put you out of your misery, please forgive me, we need to do this now! ".   So I called my vet at about  7:30  that evening on 9/23/2009 and asked if she could meet me at her office to put Whiteny to sleep, as she could not go on anymore.  She said yes and met me there shortly after  9 o'clock. It was an awful experience to end MY BEST FRIEND'S life.  I know it was the best thing for her  (but not for me).  I had her in my arms crying sooo hard, asking her what I was going to do without her.  My vet gave her  an injection to sedate to  her and then gave an injection to stop her heart and then she just went limp.  She left this world in my arms.   My vet said she "went quick" . I held her for some time and cried, but she was now with God and at Rainbow Bridge with other pals like Molly, her former buddy, and Maggie who she never knew, who was a pet of ours who was hit by a car. I miss Whitney sooo much.  My heart aches for her .

She is now in a photo urn that is sitting on my fireplace mantle, which I will display in her photos, and I also wear a necklace that is a cylinder that has paw prints on it with some of her ashes in it (which I hope to display also), so she is always with me. 

I can't wait to meet her at Rainbown Bridge. 

I thank all who  have visited her site and I feel for the loss of your pet, may it be a dog, a cat, a bird, a hamster, a snake, a fish, or whatever animal it may be. They all give us unconditional love,. 

If only humans felt like they did we would have such a great world.

Please stay in touch.

Kathy and Whitney!  





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