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Memorial created 02-17-2010 by
Roni Young
Makoa - Kealoha
March 3 2002 - February 8 2010

momma's big boy

To My Beautiful Baby Boy,

It's been one year today since you left.  The pain and hurt feels the same today as it did then.  Words cannot express the depth of my greif and lonliness without you.  I still can't believe your not here with me.  I Think of you everyday and I miss you so very much. I love you with all my heart.  My Makoa my baby boy.


Happy Birthday Baby

Happy Birthday Son,

I bought you a present today.  It will be here waiting for you when you comeback.   I am still full of pain and I miss you more than ever.  And I thank you for all your little visits.  Have fun today all my love and kisses.




Remembering our good times and how much you love the beach

My Dearest Beloved Baby Boy,                                                                                                I could not write to you on 2-8-2013 as it was just to sad to do.  I look at your picture and I still can't believe your not here with me anymore.  It has been 3 long and sad years without you by my side.  I miss you so very much.  I'm sure your busy making new angel friends where ever you go.  And having lot's of fun and doing important things.  I still just miss you so.  My heart is just so broken without you.  Be well my Makoa-Kealoha                          love always  your momma


Happy Birthday Son

Happy Birthday Makoa - Kealoha,

I don't have to tell you how much I miss you son I think you already know.   I'm giving you the biggest hug today I love you. 


Happy Birthday Baby

03-03-2014 11:57 AM -- By: Momma, Good Morning my Handsome Baby-Boy Momma wanted to wish you all the love in the world today on your Birthday. I also want to say thank you to all the people who come to say hello to you. I miss you son, I wish I could hold you in my arms once more. Not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts or my heart. Happy Birthday! Love always, Momma


My Sweet Baby Makoa

I can't believe you have been gone five years now. I feel like you left just yesterday and it still hurts the same. I miss you so much son it still hurts so much. Love always your mom.


Happy Birthday my Baby boy

Today is your Birthday son and I still miss you so very very much. you have left such an empty space in my life. I wish I could hug you just one more time. I love you so so much. Happy Birthday


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