Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 03-15-2010 by
Marnie & Tad
1992 - March 3 2010

Our sweet baby girl - we miss you so much.  We hope you are finally free of pain and sickness.  The house is too empty now without you - we miss your little meow for food, your big curious eyes, your extra soft fur with the most beautiful markings.  We miss heating your ricebags, holding you, carrying you around, and giving you lots of hugs and kisses.  You added so much to our lives:  you taught us about endless unconditional love, tireless patience, and true steadfast devotion.  Thank you for sharing these gifts with us. Do you know how much we love you?  You would never believe it!  You will be in our hearts forever.

We were so flattered that you chose to sleep with us...
...and join us on the couch.
You always looked so cozy under your very own down comforter.
You really loved your toys...
...and all your birthday gifts...
...and of course you LOVED your heated ricebags.
You tried acupuncture for your arthritis,
...and we built you ramps when you could no longer jump up on the bed.
We miss you, our little lady Mabes...
...our dear sweet precious love.


Mom and Dad


On March 21, 2010 we had a special memorial for Fluffy.  (Please see next page  titled "Fluffy's Memorial Event"

After all the guests left, we turned off the lights, refilled her candles, and sat quitely into the wee hours of the night. We waited patiently, like she had done for us for years. As each candle burned out, her image got fainter and fainter- until she was gone...


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