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Memorial created 03-15-2010 by
Marnie & Tad
1992 - March 3 2010


MARCH 21, 2010

   Fluffy was always a meeter and a greeter.  She loved entertaining, parties, and people.  One time, when we had first moved into our new house, we had friends over and ordered pizza.  We had no furniture, so we sat on little carpet samples in a circle around the pizza box.  When Fluffy came into the room, she weaved in and out around us.  I grabbed another carpet sample and we all moved over to accommodate her. So there we were:  five of us equally spaced on mini carpets around a pizza box:  four humans munching pizza, and one Queen of the house - sitting in her famous paws crossed, lady-like pose.




Fluffy was such a sociable creature that we decided she deserved a memorial in her honor to celebrate her life. 




We invited many of her human friends and caretakers from over the years.




 There was a slide show on the TV, and lots of photos and albums around for friends to take a peek at her life.




 We served lots of her yummy favorites -  salmon, shrimps, and chicken, plus, baked rolls (she loved baked goods!) and carrots in honor of her favorite catnip toy, a carrot.




 For dessert, we ate what else...but carrot cake and yellow cupcakes (her favorite color) with Fluffy White Frosting. Friends brought over yummy chocolate cake and homemade chocolate biscotti.





 A friend brought us beautiful petite pink orchids.





 More perfect flowers from friends and family.




 Fluffy's personal tech, Christy from Centinela Animal Hospital, made this beautiful framed memory page for us when Fluffy was in the hospital.  We displayed it along with various touching poems. 




 The focal point of the memorial was a large photo of Fluffy encircled by 20 shining candles.




A photo collage I made...




  ... and a display board of some her younger photos as a kitten in Oregon.




 One of the pages of her guest book.




 Each guest got a little take home memoir tied with her favorite color ribbon.



After all the guests left, we turned off the lights, refilled her candles, and sat quitely into the wee hours of the night. We waited patiently, like she had done for us for years. As each candle burned out, her image got fainter and fainter- until she was gone...


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