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Marnie & Tad
1992 - March 3 2010

August 13, 2010: Hi Mabes. We are in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt and it's very hot. You'd hate it. We are having fun but missing you lots. Love Mo & M


August 20, 2010:  Dear little Mabes,  Tonight as we type to you, the Pyramids in Egypt are right outside the window next to us.  Do you know that the Ancient Egyptians had littlel kitties all those 4500 years ago?  They were very special creatures, as they should be, just like you.  We have missed you so much on this trip my little love, 32 days without seeing your bed in its spot at home.  But we brought you with us and have enjoyed having your photo to keep us company.  We head home soon and will check in on you again.  Lots of love and hugs.  Mo says did you receive any special energy yesterday when we were inside the King's Burial Chamber deep inside the Great Pyramid?


 SEPT 26, 2010: Hi Mabes. I'm back here in Massachusetts visiting my P's. We flew to Buffalo in the airplane- it was fun. Miss you lots. Mo


 October 11, 2010:  My dear sweet little baby girl, I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you.  I am so lonely here without you.  It was terrible when Mo was back east, alone in this house by myself!  Getting up early for work is awful without you here in the morning to keep me company.  I love you forever.  I am just craving to pick you up and give you hugs and kisses.  Yesterday I thought I saw you in your bed.  I'm so sad without you.  Kisses and hugs forever.


 NOV 14, 2010: Hi sweetheart Mabes we miss you sooo much these days. Time is not healing. It seems to be getting worse, especially on sunny days where you would have been in your spot. Love Mo


 December 9, 2010

Dear Mabes, I haven't written you a note here in a while, but you are always on my mind.  Every day I wear my little bracelet and it gently chimes to let me know you are with me.  I miss you so much there are not enough words to even describe it.  You've been in my dreams.  I love you.  Yesterday we put up the Christmas tree and I got so sad missing you.  You 're my little love.  Love, Marn


 December 24, 2010:   Hi My Little Sweet Baby Girl, Tonight is Christmas Eve.  It is really lonely here without you.  Mo and I are missing you soooo much.  We looked at all our past Christmas cards and saw your adorable photos in each one.  Remember when we brought you home and sent out the Baby's First Christmas card?  I'm sure people were amused by that.  You did always amuse us.  You are my little love.  I miss you sooooo much.  I can just imagine your little sweet cry and feel your soft fur.  There is a photo I just saw recently of you up at the table sniffing the prime rib.  Well, my love, I sure hope you are enjoying all the prime rib you want, and turkey too with Dad, Hidey, and Magoo.  I know you are all together.  And I miss you all terribly.  Merry Christmas.  love, Mom


 January 26, 2011:  Good morning my sweet.  I just had to greet you today.  I"m getting ready for school and looking at your adorable photo.  I miss you.  Love you, M


 Feb 2, 2011: Hi Mabes. Missing you a lot lately. Thinking back a year ago and all we went through. Held your ashes last night in their little bag. Been working in the Master bedroom building that cornice valence curtain thing and you would enjoy all the activity- although I'd have to move your bed since you'd be right under it all. Miss you. Love Mo


 February 4th, 2011:  Oh Mabes, I miss you so much!  Yesterday was a sad day, to remember that 11 months ago you left us.  Do you know how many reminders of you are still around this house?  I even have a photo of you on my desk at school.  You are the sweet little angel in my heart.  I love you!  M


 March 3, 2011: Hello Mabes. Today we are thinking of you all day. Marn even took the day off from work. Soon we are going to the cemetery where you were cremated. We find it peaceful there with so many spirits of other kitties and doggies. Then to King's Hawaiian where we went last year this day. You loved your baked goods. Now we are going to watch some video of you. Been waiting a long time to see these clips. At 4:20  a special candle lighting just for you. Love you lots and miss you tons. Love M&D


 April 8, 2011:  Mabes, I miss you.  I was thinking about how lonely the house feels without you here.  It was raining tonite and mo opened the front door and reminded us of how happy you must have been to live here with us, because you never ran away when we all went to check the weather outside.  You just sniffed the air and came right back in where you were spoiled!!!  We loved to take care of you.  Mabes did you know that Nana is gone now?  We asked to her to stop by the rainbow bridge and see you.  I'm sure you greeted her and looked for any baked goods she might have brought you!  We watched a video of you licking butter off Nana's fingers!  So adorable!  And she let you...she secretely loved you too you know.  But really who wouldn't?  You are my sweet little pumpkin.  I wish I could just give you a big squeeze right now!  Kiss and hugs.  M


 July 22, 2011: Hey Fluff. We meant to stop by your page and say hi last week when we were in Palm Springs with our iPad. We brought your photos though with us and a candle for Monday night- which we lit in the hotel room for you.  The week before that we stopped by the pet place on Baren's day and we walked around it and read all the stones. Then went to King's Hawaiian just like we did on your Angelversary. We miss you so much. Love M& D


August 17, 2011. Hi Fluffy from Slovakia. We just heard a song on the radio at breakfast that is on your video slide show so we just had to say we are missing you. We have your picture with us and light a candle every Monday at 7 even on this trip. Just lit it the other night in Krakow, Poland. Love you.


October 5, 2011: Hello lovely Mabes. We were just in Palm Springs and lit a candle for you. It has been a year and seven months. We say hi to your photo all the time and miss you a ton. It's raining today and you'd not be pleased to go out back and get combed. No sunny spots today. Mis you, M&D


 March 3, 2012: Hello Mabes. Today is your 2nd angelversary and we are thinking of you a lot. Time has eased the pain, but has not filled the void since you left. The house is just a different place without you. We miss you lots. Love M&D


 March 3, 2012. Dear little love, do you know how much I miss you?  It's been two years already without you.  Life has been lonely since that worst day of our lives.  I have been wearing my charm bracelet of you every day still!  You are always with me. I hope you are playing all the time across the bridge...with no allergies or arthritis anymore!  Are you having fun with Magoo, Hidey, and Dad? Have you eaten any toast from Nana and licked the butter off her fingers?  I hope you had a nice welcome for Bearen last year and Nikita just recently. You and Magoo were in my dream last week, so I know you are probably learning some more tricks from him! Oh dear my little sweet pea, I wish I could give you hugs and kisses right now.  I will close my eyes and there you are.  My perfect angel. I love you! XOXOXOXOXOXO


 July 14: Hi Mabes. Today we go get the kids for a week. You remember them. They're 10 now.  We miss you lots. D


 Hi Mabes. What's up? Nothing new here. M just put a photo of you in her new purse she just got for her birthday.   We still light candles every MOnday... even in Maui.  Love you. M&D


 May 27, 2013: Mabes, you'd be surprised the amount of time we spend thinking about you. We watch this new show all the time called "my cat from hell" on animal planet and we think of you all during the show. Lots of cats being really bad and peeing and biting and we think of you and how good you were. Never peed anywhere- never scratched unless we really bugged your tender sore hind legs. You were good as gold. LOve and miss you.   Dad


Dec 16, 2013: Hi Mabes. Its been a while since checking in but we think of you a lot and your pictures right here full size to see everyday. Christmas time and we're missing you as always. Love you, M&D


 October 6, 2014: Hi Mabes, we are in Vietnam now. Can't believe how time flies. Went on a cruise a bit back for my 50th and didnt put that in here. We were on a mini cruise here in Halong Bay and talked to lots of other guests. We even showed your adorable picture twice to people when we were talking pets and things. They just loved how you crossed your little paws. Such a lady. We went to Laos Last week and have more to go. Your little picture bracelet is right here in the hotel with us half way around the world. We think of you all the time and every Monday still a special moment. Love D


 December 30, 2015: Hi Mabes. Another year has come and gone. Although we don't write here anymore, you are thought of everyday. We really like the weekly Monday candle lighting. It's a nice way to say hi. So if we don't add more here as often, it doesn't mean we aren't thinking of you.  Love D


 December 23, 2016: Hi Mabes. Another year has come and gone again. A lot has gone on this year. We started a mini company just in your honor. Its and it's all about your rice bags you loved so much. We wanted to share them with everyone. We have done several shows this year and are sharing your warmth. You picture is on every tag. It's pretty neat. We went on a big Europe trip and boat a sailboat also this year. Stay tuned for more info on your memorial business. Love, D


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