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Marnie & Tad
1992 - March 3 2010


by S. Bendtzen

First let me say thank you Marnie and Tad for giving me this honor to speak about a very special friend, my Grand-cat, Miss Fluff.

When Marnie called and asked me if I would write the eulogy for Fluffy I immediately said “yes” and then I began to worry a bit about saying the right thing, using the correct words, not be too long, too maudlin, etc. etc.  So, I googled “eulogy” and was presented with many examples, suggestions, poems, a full banquet.  Still feeling a bit overwhelmed I decided that I would simply do my “own thing”, and share several wonderful stories that I have tucked in my memory...

I guess the best place to start is the beginning-I remember Marn wanted to get a kitten, so we began our search in Salem, Oregon, where we were living at the time.  One afternoon Marn, Rob and I piled into the car and ended up at an apartment where a young women had several generations of kittens, including Grandma Cat, and Mother Cat.  They were all running around grooming one another and Fluffy caught Marns eye as she seemed a bit less “wild” than her siblings.  (We also liked the markings on the back of her neck)  We held her and upon putting her back down the Grandma came immediately over and groomed her repeatedly, which we found humorous.  Once we had Fluffy in our possession we carried her to the car and let Rob hold her-and that was when she got her name-to Rob she was Fluffy and that was it!

So many memories flood my mind-the way she immediately became a member of our cat family, Hider was her Mom and Goo her companion. So adorable.  The way she would entertain us for hours with her unbelievable skill-let me explain. We had a detachable rope swing that was erected for Rob to do his necessary spinning exercises.  Well, one day as Fluffy was playing catch with Marn, (Marn would throw a paper wad and Miss Fluff would retrieve it) Fluff climbed up the rope swing.  Then Marn placed a paper wad in one of the loops and Fluff jumped onto the rope, climbed up, grabbed the paper wad in her mouth, and flung it out to the ground.  Sometimes she would simply carry the paper wad in her mouth as she made her way back down.  Needless to say this became quite an intriguing game of ‘fetch’ and we all loved joining in the fun.  

Another memory was how she loved baked goods and butter.  When Nana would visit she always had her toast and Fluffy would join her.  Now my Mom does not really care for any animals period, but Miss Fluff won her heart as she joined Nana daily for her special toast, including licking all the butter off Nana’s fingers-wow!!

As you can tell Miss Fluff was endeared by all of us.  I can see her sitting at my husband’s side as he read the newspaper.  She seemed to like him more than me.  I am not complaining just remarking with a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart.  I know she is back at his side now, along with Hider and Goo.

Before closing I would like to tell of another great story, one that Rob reminded me of recently.  It seems Bob and I were away for a weekend and Marn and Fluff came out to stay with Rob at our Tuscany Hills home.  Some background-Marn and Fluff were then living together in Lomita. Since we still had Goo and Hider, when Fluff would visit she acted as if they were intruders, but we think she was just so happy to have ALL Marns attention she just could not share anymore.  So, when Marn and Fluff would visit Fluff would have to abide by our rules regarding sleeping. At night our rule was to put all the cats in the small bathroom with their beds.  Well, Miss Fluffy did not like this at all. Apparently, since she was so skilled in jumping she tried to escape. In her effort to open the door she ended up locking the door.  Marn called to tell us that she had to take the door off the hinges to get the cats out of the room.  We marveled over Fluffy's ability and how smart she was for many years.

As I end this eulogy I am hopeful that I have shown you a glimpse of our lives with Miss Fluffy and thank God for letting us all have a chance to know her.  I am convinced that she is pain free now and her spry, curious self once again. We will never, ever forget her and know in our hearts that one day we will meet again in a much better place.  In the meantime, as difficult a time this is for my daughter Marn and our Tad, I want them to know that their love lifted her and carried her through and they have my love and admiration forever.

Fluffy's version of "Fetch"... a paper ball in a swinging hammock...
She tosses it victoriously over the shoulder - hooray!

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