Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 04-3-2010 by
Seville (my Lion King)
November 1 1996 - April 2 2010



WILD AND FREE I hope you’re running wild and free now that you have gone to eternity, Free from pain and young again as once you used to be. I hope you’re running wild and free, as free as the wind in the trees, Playing and purring in ecstasy, or sleeping and dreaming at ease. I hope you’re running wild and free, as free as the clouds in the sky, Rushing excitedly, a kitten again, with eyes as blue as the sea. I hope you’re running wild and free, sometimes maybe remembering me, For I know the time will come one day when we’ll both be wild and free. ~ P J Quick ~

ON THE DEATH OF A FAVOURITE CAT Since you have gone the sun has left the sky, No breezes blow, No birds sing, To ease the aching vacuum in my heart. I shall not forget your gentle ways; No judgements made, No difficult demands, To share your life with mine. Now kind, uncomprehending people say, “Cheer up, you’ll love another pet some day.” ~ Hilda Lunn ~

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