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Memorial created 04-3-2010 by
Seville (my Lion King)
November 1 1996 - April 2 2010

A year ago? How can that be? Thank you kitty for loving me so many years. I'll cherish those years for the rest of my life. Oh I miss you so much "lion king." I miss those beautiful yellow eyes. I'd never seen eyes the color of yours before we met. You used to stare into my eyes and chatter away. What a talker you were. I love you Seville. I was looking for a song for your first year away, and stumbled across this one. It was perfect! It's exactly how I feel today. Somewhere down the road...somewhere...somehow my little buddy. were such a silly boy. Always playing with your little sis Princess. She's very old Seville, and I imagine it won't be too long before you see her again. She'll be 17 this July. I don't know how I'll manage. I just don't know. Seville, when I call your name Tina and Dezzy run to see where you are. It's amazing how they remember. I still have your last window perch. It's a keepsake. Remember? You used to spend hours in the window laying on your perch in the sun. Now you can bask all day huh angel? many much hurt. Yes, I think about the good times, but that fact is, you are not here with me meowing and playing...and loving me. You will always be my "Lion King." I love you and miss you so much mr. kitty. Love forever, mom.


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