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Memorial created 06-24-2010 by
Patricia Garcia
April 9 2010

What a cutie Petunia was

In loving memory of our Petunia who we love so much. Petunia will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Petunia, also known as Petuna, was the sweetest, kindest little dog you'd ever meet. She was only with us for six months, but that is how quickly she made her way into out hearts.

We will never forget her crooked smile, her scratchy fur, her stinky breath and gas, and her thunderous snoring. Those were the wonderful and funny things that made her so unique.

She came into our lives when her foster mother found us. She had run up to her foster mom, no tag, no register microchip, and at a scrawny 10 pounds! After a month of searching for her owners, her foster mom decided to find a home for her where she'd have a big yard and lots of play time. That's where we came in. We opened our home to her. At first, Petunia was a little skittish, but also one tough cookie. She mostly just liked to hang out and be lazy. We managed to get her into good shape and put 10 more pounds on the little sweetie. At her first vet checkup, the vet said she looked great and was in a healthy condition.

She soon learned that she was part of the family, and though it was a crowded house with a Bostie brother and two large sisters (a boxer and German shepherd mix), she was loved every bit as much as the others. She soon became comfortable and often followed her daddy into the kitchen, where she would happily munch on anything that fell on the floor. She waited under the dinner table for any scraps or stray bits of food that found their way off our plates. When she was excited, she'd do a little dance with her two front feet. She refused to sit before going out to play. She purred like a cat. And she loved to sneak her head onto a pillow when she was lying on our bed.

She was a feisty little gal — her foster mom gave her the lovely name of Gladys, but when she came to us, she became Petunia. She learned so quickly that she was both! She was so funny and sweet and loving.

We had to put Petunia to sleep on April 9, 2010. It was the worst day of my life. I am so sorry for everything, Petunia. I am so sorry that you suffered for my mistakes. I will never forgive myself for that day.

Our hearts broke the day she left us and they will not be whole until we see her again.

Petunia loved to hang out in the dining room in case some food fell to the floor
Despite the Dog Snuggie, Petunia was a little cold

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