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November 2 1997 - September 10 2010

Our Jasper, aka Jabber, Jabadorious, Ruff Ruffington, Jabberooney, Dogboy, Puppus, to name a few, was one of a kind.  People who know labs know they have such a kind and loving spirit as well as being adventurous.  Jasper definitely had a mind of his own and would do anything to get want he wanted.  His strong will is what made him so entertaining.  If he wanted something, he went after it without listening or thinking of the consequences.  One could never get mad as he came romping back with that sweet happy face.  Jasper loved life as I've never seen before in a dog.  He was always up to the task at hand or for any adventure that presented itself.  He was the happiest dog on earth!  If he knew we were going somewhere, whether for a neighborhood walk, a ride in the car or to the park, he would go absolutely bonkers.  It was, at times, hard to control his ever eager excitement.  Jasper, I used to say was a lover, not a fighter.  He never growled or snapped his entire life. He was so sweet and sensitive and was always in tune to what I was doing.  He followed me religiously both indoors and outdoors.  If I was mowing the lawn he'd be right there under the nearest tree shading himself always within eyesight.  If I moved to another part of the yard, he'd also move as to not lose sight of me.   He was so loyal, a mama's boy, and the best buddy I've ever had. We were so lucky to have him almost 13 years, a good long life, especially with the issues that surrounded him, mostly in the past year.  He had severe knee and spine arthritis along with an enlarged heart and high blood pressure.  Towards the end he lost bowel and uninary control as well but it didn't matter, we got through it together.  I was there for him no matter what the circumstance, just as he was for me.  It was so hard to watch him slide downhill but I was so thankful that I was able to spend each and every day with him to make him as comfortable as possible and to give him all the love he had given me over the years. Never once with all the ailments did he lose his endearing disposition.  You would never know something was wrong if it weren't for the obvious signs. The day came when I knew I had to let him go.  It was truly the hardest, most difficult decision I've ever made. We took him to his favorite  park for one last time.  It was a very overcast day and as he lay in the back of the car with the hatch open the sun suddenly came out from behind the clouds.  With the sun shining down on him and warming his shiny black coat it was as if he were being welcomed to above.  He went peacefully that day and without pain.  I was glad to be there soothing him and so that he could hear my voice for the very last time as he drifted off.   These past few weeks have been so hard trying to adjust to not having that special force, that sweet face and the never ending warm puppy kisses. I wonder each day how I am going to make it without him.  My heart is truly broken and I can only smile when I think we someday will be reunited at the "rainbow bridge".  Sleep tight my sweet "Jabber", you are missed every second of every day and will be in our hearts forever and ever.  Till we meet again . . .


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