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Memorial created 12-17-2010 by
Jessica Williams
September 7 1997 - November 5 2010

Mickey was bottle raised, so at the age of 6 Months we noticed he could not jump up on the couch without crying. I took him to the vet and had his xrays done to find that his hip joints didnt form together correctly so we started him on pain medication and supplements which he continued on with the rest of his life. Of course the supplements only slowed the progession of the hips getting worse but they did help him. He was my little swimmer he loved the water. Which helped with his hips a great deal. Very active little boy for all the health problems he had.

A few years passed and he ended up with a thyroid condition which he continued well on medicine to keep his thyroid under control and about he same time he developed allergies which he needed to take shots for. Mommy did that for him, at first it was awful I could have sat down and bawled giving my boy a shot which he hated so much.

2006 I had taken him to the groomer and she found a lump under his tail which ended up being a prenial hernia and we had surgery to have that removed. All day momma was terrified waiting to see how he came out of his anethesia. He did great! Like aways he was my little pro when it came to being put under.

2008 we had quit the scare, I thought he was dying. We had gone swimming and we came back to the house and were walking around outdoors like we always did and all of a sudden Mickey put his head down and blood just poured from his mouth. I tried to find the source but could not. Our vet was out of town so I took him the nearest vet who basically told me there was nothing that could be done and if I noticed his stool tary to bring him back it was internal bleeding. Well I took the next day off work to be home with him in case the bleeding started up again. Sure enough through the night there were at least 6 large pools of blood in bed with us. I rushed him to another vet who told me he had to stay the night up there, I hated when he was gone like that couldnt sleep the whole nine yards. The vet did all kinds of stuff to find out what was wrong with him, he had lost so much blood he was borderline transfusion. So, I was saying goodbye to my boy for the day and he dropped his head and the blood started so the vet went to town to figure out the source. My little stinker somehow managed to cut a 2 inch gash on the bottom of his tongue along the main vein in your tongue. Vet says I've never seen anything like this, I said leave it to my boy call my vet if you dont believe me! Mickey pulled through like a champ, he was so strong and he loved his life so much.

Mickey lost all use of his hind legs around March of this year. I bought him his cart and he didnt care for it to much at first, he probably should have had it sooner than I got it, but that's neither here nor there now. Just as active as always I used to pick on him and say you're 13 years old when are you going to slow down? But it made me happy that he had such a strong will and he loved his life so very much and all he wanted to was play or ride in the car.

I was bathing him one day in June and found a sore spot by his hips so of course took a picture and rushed it to the vets, it was hard for Mickey to get to the vets so I took the picture, it ended up being bed sores which I felt awful about I never missed anything when it came to my boy and they knew it at the vets. They knew who I was when I called just by my voice. Went to the pharmacy and bought him a donut pillow and of course 2 orthopedic dog beds. He got flipped several times through out the day after that. Took a good 2 months but we got them sore licked!

I carried Mickey with harnesses for the rest of his life. He ended up loosing bladder function and his bladder needed to be expressed to empty it which caused UTI infections. He had them for a good two months until I figured out the cure and finally beat them, Mickey loved cranberry juice believe it or not, plus he took cranberry supplements and that took away the UTIs, I thought we were golden.

Mickey was the strongest willed little boy I've ever known and he beat so many odds. My vet was always so amazed by how great his blood scans were. In July we had blood work done and he kept shaking his head, "these scans are great everything is great. Your doing everything you can for him, your doing the best you can for him" he says to me. I just thought to myself thank you but it's my job.

Such a shock that he left me with out any real warning or any real inclination that he was leaving after he beat all the odds.

Mickey loved the snow, almost as much as the water

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