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Memorial created 12-17-2010 by
Jessica Williams
September 7 1997 - November 5 2010

Mickey, do you know.......

That tomorrow is the 3 month anniversary of your passing and it still feels like yesterday?

that I hope you loved me

that I hope you think of our times togeather

that I hope you'll know me when we are reunited again

that You rescued me

that You showed me true unconditional love

that I hope your happy

that I dont know what life means with out you

that I hope we are together again someday

that a million dogs could never replace you

that a million dogs could never mean to me what you do

that a million dogs will never be you

that you will always hold a special spot reserved only for you in my heart

that I prayed everynight that God would take your pain and give it to me

that I wished everyday you could have your legs back

that watching you die was the worst day of my life

that I wish I could have saved you

that I wish I knew something was wrong before it was to late

that I wish I did more to help you

that I felt helpless

that I hope you heard me talking to you before you left and that you understood me

that I hope I was there to comfort you through your passing

 that I wish I had one more hour with you

that 13 years wasn't enough

that you were the best boy in the world

that I miss our car rides

thatI miss taking you for cheesburgers and ice cream

that you were never a burden or a bother

that you were the strongest boy in the world

that your love for life made my life better

that I miss how you'd jump in the shower with me

that I miss how you'd snuggle so close to mommy that I'd have about 6 inches to sleep on

 that I miss your "I love you" bark

that I miss your beautiful eyes

that I miss your soft fur

that I miss the smell of your breath and your stinky little feet

that I miss tickeling your stinkly little feet

that I miss your smell

that I miss how you used to smack the side of the bed to tell me to let you outside

that I still cry

that I still ache

that I still hurt everyday

that I long for your company

that I hope you were happy with the life I provided for you

that I hope I gave you the best possible treatments for your ailments

that I would have never of traded you for the world

that You were my family, the most important part of my family

that I'll never stop loving you

that I miss you more and more everyday

that You were my furry little soul mate

that Your handicap was not your fault

that I never meant to lose patience with you

that I never meant to yell at you

that I miss your kisses how you'd always bite my nose

that miss your head bunts when it was time to get  up

that I miss how you'd jump on my lap when I sneezed

that I miss how you'd put your head on my lap and wag your tail so hard your whole butt shook

that I miss your "inside" bark

that I miss the way a bottle crinkles cause you were playing with it

that I miss watching you play in the snow

that I miss searching for you frantically in the middle of the night cause you took a stroll and didnt want to come right back

that I think about you every day

that I talk to you everyday

that I pray for you everynight

that I love you more than life itself

that I would have given my life to save yours


Mickey do you how special you are and that I will always love you?


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