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Memorial created 01-11-2011 by
Ron Kobelka
June 1 1999 - September 13 2008

In loving memory of our Daisy who we love so much. Daisy will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

   In 1999, my wife and I heard that someone in our neighborhood had some Beagle puppies to adopt out. Six and a half years earlier, we had lost a great Beagle (Pokey) and were ready to get another one. We found and adopted Daisy, and it was a good decision.

   Daisy was a very playful puppy with a sweet disposition that lasted all of her life. She grew up to be an avid hunter who was very possessive of "her back yard". Any squirrel, rabbit, bird, or garter snake that trespassed on her turf was taking the chance of being chased. Sometimes she would catch the scent of something on the ground and it would send her into a frenzy, running around in circles, barking and yelping. It looked like she was throwing a temper tantrum over the one that got away.

   Ironically, Daisy was tolerant of cats and would allow them to pass through undisturbed. She got along well with our cats. Daisy loved all people, too. She was a sweetheart.

   At only nine years of age, Daisy became listless one evening and would not eat her dinner. By the following morning, she could barely get up and was gasping for breath. I took her to the animal hospital where she was examined and xrayed. The vet told us that Daisy's heart and liver were enlarged and her lungs were full of fluid. She was apparently falling victim to congestive heart failure from a birth defect that nobody had known about. The vet said that there was little chance of saving her, and she was suffering. She had to be put down. It was one of the worst days of my life.

   The tragedy of Daisy's death was compounded by how suddenly and swiftly it had happened. It was less than twenty four hours from the time that she wouldn't eat her dinner to the time that we lost her.

   I believe that dogs,cats, and the other pets that we as people have are precious gifts to humanity bestowed by the infinite wisdom of God. I am thankful for that. I believe that Daisy is on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge with her adopted sister Pokey, and they have recently been joined by Brady the cat.

   Daisy, like her sister, was an exceptional dog. We will never forget her. She left us much too soon and we will always love and miss her.

   Goodbye Daisy.


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