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Memorial created 06-13-2011 by
Hannah McCullough
February 14 1991 - June 13 2011

Peanut-the prettiest flower

In loving memory of our Peanut who we love so much. Peanut will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Peanut was discovered wandering behind a church in Nashville. He was old and thin, walking slow and painfully on arthritic bones and luxating patellas...his little tail broken and dragging behind him. A good samaritan called a rescuer, who took him to a vet where his beautiful but broken tail was removed. She began to rebuild his strength with good food and rebuild his heart and soul with kindness and compassion.

Meanwhile my own Peanut, also a pomeranian, had died of mouth cancer. He had been a special needs senior rescue, so I looked for another on Petfinder, hoping to find another named Peanut. And there he was...General Peanut, fostered in Nashville but looking for a home. We adopted him in October of 2006, warned that he was probably 15 years old with only another year to live. Well, he lived another five! Peanut was in pain sometimes but never a complainer. He went everywhere the bigger dogs did, loved the grass and fresh air after midnight. He was a mama's boy and followed me everywhere. We had a home business, so Peanut and I shared every hour, 24/7, of the last five years. He was the sweetest most precious soul you'd ever want to meet. A little cantankerous at times--the little dog syndrome--but full of fun and feisty as all get-out.

Peanut's rear knee joints didn't work so he walked stiff-legged, giving him a cute little wiggle when he walked. He had a funny way of getting into bed too. He'd walk up to the pillowed edge, then back up, back up, back and then run, run, run and JUMP into bed. He turned getting into bed an Olympic event.


Peanut loved every season

He loved is treats too and would hide them in his bed to snack on later. Frankie would come along to steal them, but Peanut wouldn't back down and won the face-off everytime. Frankie, also a pomeranian, has been walking with his tail down ever since Peanut passed away. It's a sign of mourning the loss of his brother. He's also sleeping in his bed to be closer to Peanut, and hide the fact that the bed is now empty.

Peanut used to get up to potty at 2am, sometimes 5am too. So we'd go outside together, he'd do his business, and we'd look at all the stars and constellations together: Big Dipper, Little Dipper. After midnight was our time.

Peanut was healthy and happy until this last week when, unknown to us, the chords of his heart broke. He died at home, but Jack and I revived him with CPR...but we could not repair the damage to his little body and had to let him cross the Bridge today.

Peanut is in heaven now with his brother Dandy, little "Peanut", and the cat crew. I wish everyone could be blessed by the love of a special needs, senior dog. They trust and love you completely and are always delighted to see you and just "be" with you. What more could you ask of a friend or dog?

Peanut, you are loved and missed so much more than you know. Please stay near...I will always need you as a working buddy.


Mom (Hannah)

Have you ever seen a more beautiful boy than Peanut? Please visit his photo album and see even more. He was one of the most photogenic dogs in the world...don't you agree?


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