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Memorial created 07-6-2011 by
May 15 2000 - July 3 2011

BRAT -- BFF -- Always liked to sit on my patch.

Brat you were loved so much and you are greatly missed.  You are in the hearts of all who knew you forever.  You were a loyal and dedicated BFF of eleven years.  Always near and beside me with your unconditional love.  Your presence has brought much joy to everyone who knew you.  You were a very different cat; fiesty and independant, you travelled with me on the road in the motorhome, you flew on an aircraft and you even road on the motorcycle.  You were the terrible two's.  You liked watching Animal Planet on television and the day you caught the mouse -- well I didn't think you had hunting in you.

The last months were real hard for you.  That day it was hard to not bring you home.  Its time to sleep now and rest peacefully away from and free all of the pain.  Thankyou for being the wonderful friend you were.  You will never be forgotten.  We will see you at the rainbow bridge.




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