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Karla Reinhart
July 28 2002 - September 12 2011

Kava Mommy's Boy

 Mommy got a new job with her school she graduated from as a Nurse Practitioner. This new job she started July 10, 2011, she will be doing lots of traveling to 8 different states to guide Nurse Practitioner students as they begin the journey of clinical rotations. Mom really likes to teach and is so excited to be doing this new venture. 

She wants to be a part of the journey for students as they begin their new career helping patients become healthy. 

Mom is very afraid of heights so this is going to be a challenge with all the flying she has to do. Mom is very sad that I am not with her, but I am with her daily next to her heart in her memory necklace, and always looking out for her from the rainbow bridge. 

Mom decided I would take these journeys with her, to ease her fear of heights and to let me see the countryside. 

October 5-8th, 2011

We flew from Medford Oregon, to San Francisco, then to our final destination for this trip Salt Lake City- Oh what a big city, with lots of freeways- goot thing we had our GPS. We decided we would go check out a quilt store before checking into our hotel as we were a little early. Oh my goodness it is snowing, wow haven't seen that since leaving Montana. Our hotel is really nice. 

Friday we headed out to see one student and her preceptors in Ogden, then went to lunch with her at a nice Italian place, then headed to Draper Utah to meet another student and her preceptors, dinner at Chili's. Was a good thing had the GPS again as we can get lost easily in this big area. Both students are really neat and will be fun to see them progress and go back and visit when they are close to completion of their clinical rotations. 

Saturday we get to head home to daddy and Shyra. Flew from Salt Lake to Denver and guess what it is snowing here too. Then home to Medford, daddy and Shyra picked us up at the Airport, good to be home. 

Next trip is to Kentucky for a staff meeting in 2 weeks. 

Kava and Mommy



Kava and I headed to Kentucky, for a staff meeting for Frontier Nursing University. A great time meeting new people and great networking. Kava of course took the trip with mommy.

We went to Hyden Kentucky in the hills, lovely area about 2 hours from Lexington. Driving to the Lexington Airport we were able to see where they had filmed Seabiscuit.

Coming home was really stressful, mommy had to run to catch her two connections, but we got home to daddy and Shyra.

Love my baby boy




Was in Rock Springs Wyoming 11/3-5, a very interesting place, with little around except oil rigs. I am so glad Kava was with me in spirit and watching over me as my guardian angel, as I sat on the Tarmac in Rock Springs in a 18 seater prop plane, de-icing for 40 minutes.

The area is close to Flaming Gorge, so maybe next time will take a short drive, this time it was snowing so no driving too far LOL.

Love you baby boy.




Sitting in the hotel room waiting to go to the airport to head home from witchita Kansas, another quck trip but wow we are getting to see some much of the country side. We are home Sunday then head out again this time to Spokane and Bonner's Ferry. 

Kava you keep me going knowing you are watching over me and keeping me safe, while watching daddy and Shyra so they are safe too.

We love you baby boy



 11/21/11- 11/23/11

There wasn't much time at home with daddy and Shyra between our Kansas trip and this one flying into Spokane (oh my gosh that was scary it was very windy and bumpy), then driving to Coeur d'Alene and Sandpoint, we were supposed to drive to Bonner's Ferry buty decided not to as the weather was not great. then another bumpy trip back to home.

Of course Kava had to go with mommy to one of her favorite Quilt Stores. The buggy barn. We have three trips next month too, but home for  2 weeks which will be nice to be home with daddy and Shrya.

Love you Kava




 12/5-8, 2012

Well we were on another trip to Denver Colorado with drives to Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs. Landed in Denver with 2 degrees, left the next day for Fort Collins at -5 degrees, a little chilly for Kava and I. Upgraded the car to drive in the snow, the scenery was lovely with the snow peaked mountains.

Mommy got a URI and now a ugly cough, we are home for the weekend then we head out again. A very busy month for travel, but it keeps my mind off missing you baby boy, and now Lacy too. 

Love you 



 12/13-16, 2011

On the road again this time to Boise and staying with a friend Louise rather than a hotel room. This was a nice visit with Louise although still sick with cough and stuffy nose. Kava and I had good travels and easy driving. 

We went to a few quilt stores between site visits that were partial day visits. A pleasant trip and wonderful job. Kava as I am shopping for gifts for Christmas it saddens me to know I am not doing anything for you except saying my prayers and hoping you know how much you are missed.

Love Mommy


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