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Memorial created 09-14-2011 by
Karla Reinhart
July 28 2002 - September 12 2011


The days and months are flying by, but not having you around seems like just yesterday. I continue to reflect on the day, daddy to you to the Vet because you just weren't feeling well, and then you leaving us forever.

I still have tears when I think of you, and it is hard to discuss that day. We are looking to take a short trip to the coast, it will be the first time since our vacation, and our loss. I don't know how it will go, but you will be with us as I want to sprinkle some of your ashes at your favorite place the beach, next to the ocean you so loved to play in.

I miss you baby boy, your in my thoughts daily

Love Mommy




As Thanksgiving draws closer, I have visions of you trying to get the food off the counter as I am preparing dinner. This brings a smile to my face and heart, even the time I was making persimmon cookies for a cookie exchange and came home ALL five dozen and their wrappers were gone where Kava's tummy LOL.

I miss you so much baby boy, keep watching over me as I travel more and more. It is comforting to know I have an angel watching out for me and it is my precious Kava.

Love Mommy




Mommy is so very sad, Friday I have to take Lacy to the vet and she will join you crossing over the rainbow bridge. She has seen me through a lot of sadness, extreme happiness, successes and as a playmate to you and shyra. 

She has been a great companion just as you were, this has been an extremely emotional year with your loss and now lacy. I can't stop the tears from flowing when I think of you. 

I know you are my baby boy watching over me. 

I love you so very much



Mommy, Lacy, and Shyra



Lacy left me yesterday like you did almost 3 months ago, it was like she knew it was time to go. She gave me such comfort over 17 years, like you did for the short 9 years you were with us. She looked so peaceful and I had peace of heart knowing you were waiting for her to show her the way around, and the two of you would be buddies again, playing and having a good time. 

I know you watch over me daily as I can feel your presence like now I can fell Lacy's too. 

Love you 



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