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Memorial created 11-18-2011 by
Leah Renae
1997 - October 17 2011

Our Memphis Man

In loving memory of our Memphis who we love so much. Memphis will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Where do I begin about Memphis Man....He was one of a kind that is no secret. I had, had a black lab named Lady Bug who my dad rescued from a truck stop (he was a truck driver on a long trip from texas) when i was 4yrs old in Seattle Washinton when she jumped over a fence when the owner was beating her. She was the most amazing dog God had ever made..or so I thought. I lost that beautiful girl 13yrs later at the age of 17. I never had another dog that i got close to or even loved like her. Memphis came into our lives from a poker game! lol Yes a poker game. You dad had diabetes and almost died from congestive heart failure/toe amputations.double bypass in both legs and double bypass in his heart. My dad would play poker once a week at his friends house..the original owner of memphis. The man fell on hard times and thought my dad could use a good friend. So dad and memphis already had a bond from those poker nights lol. coinsidence fast forward a few husband was a trucker and we had just arrived home when my father met us at the truck with memphis in hand. I was too scared when i saw memphis i thought he was a pit bull you can see he is not!  once i got out i understood the love in his eyes..the same eyes my black lab used to have. After a few months my father started having hip issues and was no longer to care for he was given to my son and i. I got very ill after that and spent 6yts in and out of hospitals and surgeries and memphis?...he would NOT leave my side and even wimpered if I left the room. he always had a smile on his face and I know he still does only bigger!  He was my sidekick on the couch..he was the buddy that slept in bed with my son..the one who was there my sons frist day of kinder and jr high last year...the protector..our little dogs big brother and a best friend anyone would love to have. Over the last 2 yrs we noticed Memphis was getting slower and losing weight. He was becoming covered in fatty tissue tumors but would still run and chase our little dog. He never showed pain and only showed love. Then one day he was outside and running and jumping and smiling.....his usual self. That night after we arrived home with our son, memphis went to his usual spot nect to my sons bed and slowly lay down.. About 10min later my son starts screaming. Memphis was standing up and started shaking and collapsed. I ran in and he was trying to standup again this time he collapsed in my arms. My son freaked out crying as did i...memphis had no look in his eyes just a blank stare. his breathing became shallow and he was puttering with each breath. All of a sudden he went still in my arms and lost bodily functions. My son screamed hes dying and so my dad rushed over and picked him up so he would not witness the worst. We made him comfortable all night not leaving his side. At daybreak my boyfriend rushed him to the hospital. They did bloodwork and liver and kidney funtion (which all came back GREAT!) amazing for his age they said..they said he had a seizure and gave us some meds. When we got him home he was weak as expected but was standing and even used the bathroom outside.. a big improvement from the night. About 20 min after he was home I was laying next to him and his gums went white and pale...and his breathing became very shallow again and i noticed half of his face was drooped like from a stroke..i screamed out to my boyfriend and picked him up to take him outside and see if he needed to potty....he collapsed instantly. So off to the hospital he went. This time the phone call was not good.....somehow his stomach swelled up and was exploding inside. The hardest thing I ever did was tell them go ahead....As we put hiim in the truck for the last time.. i got in the truck for a min and lay next to him holding him tight....telling him thank you for the love and the memories and all the joy he gave me...that i was sorry to please not hate me...but i dont want you in pain...i just kept saying im sorry baby im sorry...he lifted his head for the first time looked at me with those eyes and down his head went...the vet put him down and he passed away in my boyfriends arms at 437pm october 17, 2011.  There will never be another Memphis Man..I love you baby.

i miss that smile :(
He always smiled and LOVED to run! I love you big guy!
I am mommys protector now Bubba!
Bo Memphis-born 10/17/12

GUESS WHAT BUBBA!!!??? YOU ARE A FUR-UNCLE!!! AND GUESS WHAT ELSE?! They were born on OCTOBER 17!!!! Your 1yr angelversary!! Thank you gave me,mama and daddy and human brother blake 2 amazing gifts!!!  I accidentally got my gf "lil girl" pregnant! It wasnt mommys fault I snuck behind her back literally lol! On your 1yr angel-versary mommy and daddy cried so much they miss you like crazy!  Mommy said she wanted a girl dog if she ever got another one...but daddy wanted a boy lol. Wellllll...lil girl had 5 puppies! One solid white...3 brown white and tan...and one who looks JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!!! He doesnt look like any of the other puppies! He has the white and tan face with the black painted eyes!!!! Daddy fell in love with him and started calling him memphis jr lol...but guess what?! Daddy named him BUBBA!!! And wanna know the other special gift??? Lil girl only had ONE GIRL!!! and she looks just like me!! So mommy got her girl! I havent met them yet..they are only 2 1/2 weeks old....but soon they get to come home!!! They are so special to all of us already and sharing your your day with their birthday?...and one looks just like you??? and nothing like the others? and only one girl in the whole gave mommy and daddy a special thiing. Now and forever they will see you in bubba...and mommy named my daughter minnow lol. remember i am marlin bc we live on an island so mommy thought it was cute....she wanted to name bubba mako..but bubba just fits :) Oh bubba i miss you and mommy still cries everyday. But she loves you so much! did you know she bought this crazy expensive coach purse but still put your collar on the end?! She said she will never take it off :) Here is a picture of you new fur niece and nephew :))

Minnow :) born 10/17/12

 hey honey your brother marlin has become the man of the house. .and see your fur niece and nephew. .bo Memphis looked nothing like his litter mates..instead he looks so much like you! And minnow..shes the princess of the house lol. Love u baby boy!


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