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Memorial created 11-18-2011 by
Leah Renae
1997 - October 17 2011

I Miss You :(

Hi Bubba! I sure do miss you! I still remember when I first met you!! You were SO big and I was barely 3lbs :). You did notknow if you liked me at first but we became best friends. I only got to spend my first 2 yrs with you but they were THE BEST Especially wrestling with you in the front yard lol. Not to mention the times you jumped in between me and those BIG dogs :)  Mom and dad still walk me in the field, but not as much b/c it is still too hard for them. They still cry whenever they think about you or see their collar. Yet when mama takes me outside she ALWAYS goes right to the exact spot where you always laid down and sits there in YOUR spot, (I suppose she feels you are laying next to her) :) But I do start rolling around and wrestling her like I did you. I cuddle up to mom more than dad bc she needs me more at night. She is always buying fuzzy covers and comforters like she did for us that were sooo soft!  She feels so guilty about you going to Heaven but all I can do is lay my head on her leg. I bet I aggravate her more now too b/c I have to be the man-dog of the house which means I bark ALOT more hahaha. I still watch out the window hoping you come home one day...but when me and mama are outside in the sun walking..we KNOW you are walking next to us but this time pain free and with the same big ole smile on your face. I love you bubba! Until we meet again. xoxoxox


Hi baby boy,,,I love and miss you so much! Marlin is getting better but still waits in the window and growls at us if he has to leave lol. I was going through my photos and ran across this one..MY FAV! yOU are my heart and soul..i sure hope you and Lady are the best of buds baby boy:) xoxoxoxoxox


I heard mommy say your name :(

Hi Bubba..I sure miss you but I know you are with us always. Mommy said your name the other and you see I wanted to know where you are. Mommys gonna be away from me for a please stay with her for comfort. I am staying with daddy bc he says when you died in his arms at the vet...he would not know what to do if he lost me mom left me here and will visit me. I sure love playing with you. Happy St. Patricks Day 2012 Bubba :) xoxoxoxox


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