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Memorial created 11-18-2011 by
Leah Renae
1997 - October 17 2011

He loved to be chased! And Loved our hikes :)

Hi Honey! Yesterday was one month since you went to be a beautiful Fur-Angel. I know you are no longer in pain,,,but my heart is. I walked Marlin out in the field this morning..and I know you were there. A warm gentle breeze came through and a beautiful butterfly was flying around too. You always brought butterflies around you when we ran in that field.the wind blew a certain way and the side of my pant leg stuck to me..just like you when you would push your way next to me wanting your attention. Memphis is doing ok..when we go outside? We ALWAYS sit in your spot..the one spot in the front yard you would only go do. Marlind runs to it..jumps and starts rubbing his nose and body all over he did to you when you lay there. Your leash and collar are still hanging next to MarMars and me and Jim still go to say come on memphis ..and realize your not there. I know it got easier..knowing you are happy and not suffering..but today my jeart is breaking. We love you memphis are and always be special and amazing! I hope you and Lady Bug are running in your own beautiful butterfly field up there. I love you baby.

I did not know this would be his last photo..he passed an hour later :(

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