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Memorial created 02-17-2012 by
Sun Yu
August 11 2000 - February 13 2012

CHARLIE, with me at the Bridge

My brother Charlie came to the bridge before me. I think he wanted to get our new home ready for me. He always did take good care of me. He says that's what brothers are for. I agree.! And I'm so happy  Charlie is my brother.


My brother Duke

Duke is my other wonderful brother. Duke isn't with Charlie and I here at the bridge. He has the very important job right now of taking care of our Mom Sun. Charlie and I are helping him all we can. We will NEVER leave our Mom alone. We have the best Mom ever! Love you Mom!!!! ♥


Our best friend Leya

Wow, I'm so happy we met Leya. I mean look at her. She is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!  

Charlie met Leya here at the bridge and now she is our best friend, we call her our sister. We feel like we have known her forever. I have to say, I love her. We have so much fun with her. And she is teaching me lots of stuff here. She loves to run and run, because she said on earth she had trouble doing that. So now we run a lot. The 3 of us, Charlie, Leya  and I are ALWAYS together. We plan lots of things to try to help our Moms. We want them to know we are happy and we L-O-V-E them and will forever!


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